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Removable wallpaper in the downstairs powder room - and Walls Need Love removable wallpaper tutorial! & DISCOUNT!

I am so excited to be sharing this tutorial with you finally and I know some of you have been wondering about it!

Aaaaages ago, I picked out a fun wallpaper pattern for our powder room which we totally made over but had yet to really dress up/decorate. It took me a while to get it up and get the chair rail installed around it, but it's up now and it's so perfect!

The even more perfect thing is I used removable wallpaper (sent to me by Walls Need Love) which was super easy to install and can be removed and even reused! So read on for the tutorial and how you can get 25% off your order!

You can read here about our $391 bathroom reno for this bathroom--that included tile, Kohler pedestal sink, brass faucet and light fixture, and new toilet. But it was so plain when it was done. I loooove the white paint we used throughout the house (Benjamin Moore OC-151) but this bathroom is in a hole with no natural light and four blank walls, and there was nothing to pop against it or stand out. I tried putting art over the toilet but it looked dumb next to the round mirror, not symmetrical and just not balanced. So I picked out a bright removable wallpaper and did a chair rail to separate the lower and upper halves of the wall--and it looks great!

I had debated between several tropical-inspired papers, but it was hard to narrow it down at all from the huge catalog of Walls Need Love prints! I got several samples and these were the top four. The vintage look banana leaf is just what our bathroom needed!

This wallpaper is actually a special kind of adhesive-backed fabric so it is very durable and can go over textured walls, and can be re-stuck and reused as many times as you like.

Walls Need Love removable wallpaper tutorial (with chair rail)

You will need:

  • Removable wallpaper for your space (I used several 2'x10.5' panels of this wallpaper and cut them about in half)
  • Razor blade with handle/Xacto knife
  • Sharp scissors
  • Long straight edge
  • Cutting mat


1. Prepare the walls by cleaning and drying well before installing. They say to wait at least 2-3 weeks before installing on fresh paint, so it's a good thing it took me so long to choose a pattern and get going on this after our bathroom update!

2. Trim the white edge of the wallpaper off using a long straightedge and knife.

3. Measure the wall height again and cut the first piece of wallpaper to that length. I used a chair rail so ours wasn't the full height of the wall. (For a standard 8' ceiling, I've heard chair rails should be installed about 32" from the floor, but I did ours slightly higher to avoid conflicts with the sink/faucet.) However, it is also convenient if your partial wall height close-to corresponds with the wallpaper repeat, since then you can definitely get two pieces out of each long piece of wallpaper. So double-check that before settling on your chair rail height, too!

Using a chair rail defines the space, kept more of the room bright white/less shadowy, and saved wallpaper!

4. Starting in one corner (I recommend a back corner, so the repeat doesn't end in a prominent location--do as I say, not as I do), peel about 1' of the backing off the wallpaper and begin sticking at the top.

5. Remove all of the backing and smooth the wallpaper down. You can use a level to check this.

I also recommend leaving an extra 1" or so at the top of the wallpaper to cut off later--I learned our ceiling is not even, and the wallpaper doesn't fully reach the top when it lines up with its neighbor in some places!

6. Line up each piece of wallpaper with repeating pattern elements. The patterns repeat every 15-20 inches (vertically) and the pieces overlap horizontally just slightly so you should have a consistent pattern across the room. You may lose some paper at the top and bottom, but again, double-check your wall height and repeat length (and wallpaper length) before choosing your ultimate chair rail height.

7. Cut and maneuver around obstacles like switch plates.

Ideally you would install wallpaper before light fixtures, but if not, work around those, too.

8. Install chair rail or molding at the bottom of the wallpaper line. (See my molding installation tips here.) Trim any excess paper that hangs below or bumps into the ceiling.


I am really happy with everything about this wallpaper, but really, really love how it works with our brushed brass fixtures! (See below for links.)

Please pin this for later if you're interested in trying it at home!

Walls Need Love has their own video (and clear instructions that come with the wallpaper) on how to install removable wallpaper, so you can watch the video version too!

Thanks again to Walls Need Love for providing this fabulous quality, beautiful removable wallpaper!
You can get 25% off your order of $30 or more using code Enjoy/Create25 through Dec 3, 2017!!

Shop the other items in our bathroom here!

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