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The ultimate relaxing afternoon! Oregon wine country

Despite living in Oregon most of my life, I had never gone wine tasting until last year!! I'm not much of a drinker at all, so it never occurred to me as something I would enjoy. But we have now had two fabulous, extremely relaxing experiences and kicked off our summer with a much-needed break from house project at Van Duzer Vineyards last weekend!

I am a pretty high-stress person. I put too much on my calendar most days, and get anxious when things take longer than planned. Especially with our fixer upper projects in high gear right now. My poor husband supports me, but it's hard on him too that weekends can be pretty stressful. He recently noted that it might be nice if I was as driven and diligent about finding time to relax as I am about getting things done.

But now we've found wine tasting. The way we've done it, we go to one vineyard on a mildly warm afternoon, dress up a little, and sit outside drinking our samples overlooking a pretty view, listening to the music, talking about the future. We take the back roads through beautiful Oregon wine country on the way there. This past weekend we stopped in cute downtown McMinnville on our way home for dinner. Basically we took 6 whole hours off of stressing about the house!

I love being out in places like this.

I broke out a summery top I made a while ago, too!

The wines were lovely. The 2016 pinot gris we started with was one of the best white wines I've ever had (which is not many, but still, I could tell it was really fabulous). And their 2014 estate grown Dijon Blocks Pinot Noir is award winning, and Jason could tell before even knowing that that it was the really good stuff.

I still feel a little weird with a wine glass in my hand, but it's pretty fun and glam!

I'm happy we've found an activity that we know is a formula for relaxing and feeling connected. I wish I could chill out more on the weekends anywhere, even at home, and someday maybe I will... but for now, we have wine tasting when we want a quiet reset easy getaway!

Thanks to Van Duzer Vineyards for providing our tasting! I wasn't obligated to write this post but wanted to share our great experience! 

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