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The easiest, fastest, most wearable DIY in a while: weekend tee!

Sometimes you just need a quick, fun, super easy DIY project when your bathroom is still torn apart and you still need to install baseboards in 6 rooms... so spending hours on a sewing project isn't an option! #fixerupperproblems. I had this idea for a graphic tee, and knew I could make it quickly with my Silhouette machine!

As mentioned above... we have a lot of projects to spend our weekends on and I've been feeling a little deprived of relaxing weekend time! But this past weekend we did get some social time and a break, and we're hoping to be mostly done for most of the summer... so I will be celebrating weekends as much as possible!

I made this tee one weekend morning while my husband slept in ;) and it took me about 20 minutes, I think! Including the ironing, which is the hardest part!

I found my groove with fonts when I made these tees and my "home body" pillow and have discovered that Bebas is my fave font in the Silhouette program.

I chose a more fitted tee this time, cute with cut-offs!

There are so many things you can do with the Silhouette Cameo machine, I highly recommend it for easy DIY options! The vinyl starter bundle) is great if you want to do iron-on letters and graphics like this!

You can shop the tools and my other pieces here!

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