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My proudest IKEA hack! Classy modern vanity from an IKEA favorite

I am definitely no snob about using IKEA products in my home, but I do want things to look original rather than straight-out-of-the box. One of my favorite successes of our "two bathrooms in four days" reno projects was the affordable, cute, clean and modern bathroom vanity we created out of an IKEA sink cabinet! Here's a bit of a tutorial for you!

Modern vanity from Hemnes IKEA hack tutorial

You will need:

  • IKEA Hemnes 2-drawer sink cabinet in 31.5" or 40.5" (this will not work as well with other models, since the pre-drilled holes will be centered on the drawers--you would have to use a cup-style pull covering the hole) 
  • IKEA sink top
  • Four modern cabinet pulls (I used these in 6.25" for my 40.5" wide vanity)
  • Modern single handle faucet (I used this bar/prep sink style)


1. Install vanity. We heard some horror stories about this online but actually found the plumbing to be really easy to install. We had to cut down the PVC pipe coming out of the wall but the IKEA vanities are really efficiently designed to use pipes that don't stick out much from the wall, so you can have drawers instead of cabinets in front of them.

2. Drill second holes (toward center of vanity). I measured the space between the holes on my cabinet pulls and used a level to line them up. I used a drill bit the size of the screw that came with the pulls.

3. Install handles. This involved a little refining for me (it's hard to get the hole locations perfect, and most hardware templates don't come in such a big handle size) but I checked them with the level and re-drilled until they were right.

4. Install modern faucet. IKEA has really limited faucet selection, so if you want something in brushed brass or black, or in an arch/bar sink style like we used, you will have to look elsewhere. Look for a one-handle style unless you want to drill through the porcelain!

The drain and overflow hole will still be chrome. You could potentially try to paint them..... but it really doesn't bother me.

That's it!!

The top drawer comes with dividers, and both drawers slide so smoothly (and are easier to open with the wide handles!).

I found it looked good with some gold and warmer tones as well as the black handles and light fixture, and I loooove this mirror and would buy them for every room if I needed them. And it's less than $50!!

What an improvement from the beady-eyed out-of-the-box Hemnes sink cabinet!

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You can shop the products I used from here!

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