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The first 30 weeks in the #Stanley90sFixerUpper

For the first 30 weeks we've owned our fixer upper, I've shared our progress here on this blog. You've seen the drywall repair techniques we learned; heard about allllll the door, trim, and cabinet painting; and seen that magical moment when our living room got baseboards. We are still in what we're considering "phase 1" of our reno, but at this point have gotten so many things done that it's time to share our progress a little differently.

And, I wanted to put all of the weeks in one place--so here is a gallery and list of our efforts, in order!

Note: See the "before" video tour herebefore photos here, and design and projects here. Of course I've also shared tons of our other projects, including tutorials and everything related to the fixer upper. But for the weekly updates alone...

Week 1: Move-in (to the garage), prepping the walls, removing the carpet (with video!)

Week 2: Wall repair and texture, painting the whole house (in 5 hours! using a sprayer)

Week 3: Lighting, trim and door prep/painting, pulling more carpet staples

Week 4: More trim and door painting, disgusting kitchen demo

Week 5: Move-in, more trim/door painting, replacing the dryer vent

Week 6: Kitchen cabinet painting, sink install, installing blinds

Week 7: Cabinet painting done, installing more lighting

Week 8: Faux beam progress, furniture planning

Week 9: Cabinet pull decisions, kitchen painting

Week 10: Butcher block countertop install, faux beam install

Week 11: Laminate flooring arrives, begin install

Week 12: Cabinet hardware in

Week 13: Kitchen organization

Week 14: New bed, more flooring, entry flooring replacement

Week 15: Living and dining room flooring and progress

Week 16: More flooring, kitchen lighting

Week 17: Rugs, curtain rods, pillows (first sewing)

Week 18: Door and window trim updates, cool vintage rug

Week 19: Living room planning, bright sofa inspirations

Week 20: Master bathroom door swap/install, baseboard prep

Week 21: Baseboards, hanging closet doors

Week 22: More baseboards, vintage dresser changes

Week 23: Kitchen backsplash wall, vent hood install

Week 24: Kitchen shelves and working vent hood

Week 25: Small tasks, planning two bathroom renos

Week 26: Vacation! No update!

Week 27: Two bathroom demos, tiling, toilets

Week 28: Two bathroom renos: sink and vanity installs

Week 29: Two bathroom renos complete, living room updates

Wow, I am exhausted just looking at all of these! We had more energy in the beginning but still, wow, we did a lot of hard work!

We still have some major updates coming--master bathroom this month,  more baseboards and decorating, and everything on the exterior... but I want to share those with you in dedicated posts that they deserve. The weekly update posts were a great way for me to share progress and document things without worrying too much about beautiful photos and completing things to blog about them. But I think I'll just do the bigger posts from now on!

Again, check out  the "before" video tour herebefore photos here, and design and projects here. And stay tuned as we continue!

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