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IKEA hack modern bathroom inspiration--guest bathroom

I've mentioned lately that we're planning two bathroom renos in April. (!!!) We recently put together a construction schedule and of course I have a budget spreadsheet, but I've only recently totally decided on the look for our guest bath upstairs and our downstairs powder room.

I shared some bathroom inspirations for our guest bath in this post, but due to budget and time considerations we decided not to go with a natural wood antique or vintage dresser look in the bathroom.

Around the time of that decision I saw this bathroom--two IKEA Hemnes bathroom vanities with non-IKEA faucets and the handles replaced with classy soft metal ones. What a difference! I've looked at the white Hemnes vanity before but I don't love how commonly it's used and it always has the same stocky black round handles, so far apart. This handle treatment is genius! (And I found that cool hexagon towel ring here for only $14!)

But, I couldn't figure out which light fixture to use there, and the midcentury look one I had my eye on at west elm sold out a week after I found it. So I went back to my bathrooms pinboard, and this time got stuck on this image by Lada Webster.

So elegant and cool!! That's not an IKEA vanity, by any means, and I'm pretty sure those are this Cedar & Moss designer sconce and this Rejuvenation mirror, and an expensive faucet, but I spent quite a lot of time searching around online for similar items that would fit our budget.

I'm going forward with this design so you'll see a similar look in our guest bathroom once we get it done! In the meantime you can enjoy these similar budget finds like I did! I scored a faucet like the one in the image (but one-hole, for the IKEA Hemnes/Odensvik sink) for less than $100, a return/Amazon Warehouse Deals! Black faucets are few and far between, and mostly the nicer brands.

I even found leather drawer pulls! I'm not sure if we'll go with those or the black ones, since I really do dislike how far apart the Hemnes handles are. We may do the black bar ones and then add some leather or wood accents elsewhere in the bathroom to soften the look.

Shop the image above or here!

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