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Brass-free fireplace and two bathrooms in two weekends: part 1! #stanley90sreno

We are feeling proud and excited, but seriously tired! We got so dang much done over the past two and a half days and the bathrooms are looking great!!

Oh, also, we had our fireplace and chimney cleaned last week and the cleaners removed the doors for me--WOW, does it look better. (Here's the before tour.) Still not sure what we'll do with the brick, maybe add a mantel, need to add some art... but for now it's a much nicer room! We even had a fire in the fireplace Sunday night.

But the bathrooms were the real project this week. We had a very aggressive construction schedule to redo two of our bathrooms in the middle two weekends in April. We definitely front-loaded the work for this first weekend mostly cause you don't want to go with only one toilet in a house for too long, and most of the steps needed to happen before the toilets went in.

I'm actually pretty proud of this construction schedule, which I worked out like a Microsoft Project one with tasks following their preceding tasks and hours attributed to everything. Here it is in words and pictures:

Two bathroom renos in two weekends: Weekend 1


  • Cut/install small laminate for bathroom threshold
  • Remove vinyl, chip up subfloor from guest bathroom (turned out we also had to scrub up some mold from the plywood beneath the particle board, and paint it with a mold killer)
  • Remove toilet from powder room (guest bath one was already gone since the valve had a leak)
  • Pre-cut 2" tiles for straight edge of guest bathroom (it's handy to have a bunch of 1/2 size ones cut where you know you'll need them)
  • Remove mirrors, light fixtures
  • Repair drywall

Here are the before photos...

And after some demo...

Years of water damage trapped under the vinyl and particle board.



  • Spray texture on drywall
  • Paint ceilings, walls
  • Install tile boards
  • Lay tile!

We used 1" hex in the powder room and 2" hexagons in the guest bathroom; both are from Thomas Avenue Ceramics and I'll be sharing more about my experience ordering in future posts! Great online tile source.


  • Grout tile
  • Install baseboards, caulk baseboards, install door stops
  • Install toilets

I only have photos from my IG stories with text on them, oops! I took some video which I hope to put together into a thrilling tale of our fabulously successful two-weekend renos; we'll see.

We also had "seal grout" on the list, but turns out you have to wait 48 hours first, so that will have to wait a couple days. We also will definitely need another coat of paint in some areas in both bathrooms (Jason was really rushing on those) and probably some other minor fixes.

Already the bathrooms look awesome, and we are so proud that we got almost everything on the list done. Crazy. But we are pretty beat. We worked from 6-11pm on Friday, another 8 or so hours on Saturday, and about 8 on Sunday. Plus shopped for groceries, made food for the week, all that. 

Next weekend the big tasks are installing the sink and vanity!!! and pretty things like light fixtures and mirrors. SO excited. And maybe we'll have some time for regular weekend things like non-rushed errands or a hike. Should be a much more relaxed weekend with much prettier photos at the end.

I shared updates over the weekend in my Instagram stories, follow along there for more reno progress!

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