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Our favorite budget buys of the #stanley90sreno thus far

When we first started looking at fixer uppers I made spreadsheets for each of the houses we seriously considered looking at what they all needed. Paint, flooring, cabinets, etc. Some needed more work than others. All of them needed thousands and thousands put into just the construction part!

I didn't make budgets for furniture, decor pieces, etc. and we did not have a big chunk of money dedicated to that purpose. So I've been very creative with spending and decorating and I've found a few incredible deals online that I wanted to share with you!

1. These white Eames-style dining chairs
I debated and debated about our dining chairs (see the ones I seriously considered here) even after I ordered these white ones and they arrived. Even as we assembled them I had second thoughts. But Jason liked them, I agreed they looked better than our old rattan ones (against the bamboo blind) and we kept them. And then I fell in love.

Not only are they super comfortable and easy to clean, they are adorable! I love the bright white against the dark rug and table. They feel fresh and fun! And it was less than $100 for the set of 4. That's pretty much impossible to beat. 5 stars for these!!

2. "Vintage distressed" rugs from Target. 
We have TWO of these 7'x10' rugs and they are the best I've been able to find other than antique or high quality wool rugs as a budget option. The texture has some variation so it's not just a flat polypropylene tufted rug and it really adds a nicer quality look.

In the photos above and below is this rug in blue. We actually found these at Goodwill on two separate occasions, brand new, since the Target stores here donate returns and excess merchandise to the Goodwills. Score. But even new the 7'x10' is only $160 right now. I am betting they'll sell out of these sometime soon, so check them out now if you're interested!

Here it is in tan, so elegant!

3. Target round mirrors.
I have alllll the heart eyes for round mirrors right now but they can be so expensive! I found this one, 28" wide, for less than $50 at Target. I have yet to find the perfect spot (maybe in the powder room, maybe in the dining room if I switch things up... maybe in the living room? It could go anywhere) but I looooove it. Here's an inspiration image and the one I found!

I also bought this wood-framed one which is currently above the fireplace, but it might move, too. So versatile!

4. This beautiful pendant light in the kitchen!
I shared our $20 lighting updates in the hall but the fixture I'm most excited about is this pendant. It's so fun in our sort of modern, now sort of industrial-look kitchen! We don't have the tile, shelving, and range hood up yet so I may update this post once that wall is finished but for now here is is above the window. (See how I installed it in our recessed light opening in this tutorial.) This fixture was less than $50 and looks like one of the designer ones that can be much, much more!

5. $170 range hood.
So many of my inspiration kitchens had cool range hoods--stainless steel, tile covered, wood-framed to match or complement the cabinets, shiplap... We removed our upper cabinets that had a small range hood attached so we were able to install whatever new one we wanted! At first I was only seeing them in the $400-500 price range, even for plain stainless steel ones, but then I found this one for only $170 and was sold. We have it about 50% installed and I cannot wait to get it all the way in and use it--especially when I burn things on the stove!!

Inspiration, and the real thing.

6. A big checkered pillow cover.
I feel a little guilty about this one. I am a DIYer. I make my own pillow covers and have for many years (thankyouverymuch). I love being able to make my own out of my favorite fabrics and create a totally unique space!, but I am limited by the fabrics available to me. I wanted a big black and white checkered pillow in our living room and couldn't find a check big enough at the fabric store or online, but did find this $6 pillow cover ready-made. Here's another inspiration/product for you.

7. Modern (finial-less) curtain rods. 
A simple modern curtain rod is hard to find. These are marketed as "room-darkening" rather than super trendy, so they are way affordable!! I also shared about them here, along with our clips. Bonus is these rods are SO easy to install plus a fraction of the cost of some of the designer modern ones. We have them on almost every window!

Hope you enjoyed this round-up and hope you can learn from our budget shopping for this massive fixer upper project we're in!

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