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A fully functional kitchen for the first time since October!! #stanley90sreno week 24

What a good feeling!! This was a big one!!

We had one (big) goal for the weekend, broken into several pieces:

  1. Finish tiling the kitchen walls and backsplash
  2. Finish grouting same
  3. Finalize/wipe down grout on main kitchen wall
  4. Install vent hood
  5. Install shelves

And we did it!! I did another 10-hour day tiling (though this time I also fit in some grouting) on Saturday... I had been grouting in 1-hour bits during the week but got a lot done at once Friday and Saturday. Grouting takes a while cause so much of the grout falls down right after you put it up... more about that later; I invented a couple methods... and then SO. MUCH. SCRUBBING. to make it look even. I destroyed my hands with the scrubber I was using. I will wear gloves next time.

I had to finish the main wall first so Jason and my dad could put up the vent hood. I finished the side wall (and not-pictured) wall next.

The side wall and this wall are still streaky with grout. I need to go through with a textured rag or scrubber and clean those up later this week.

But the back wall is done (except ceiling paint touch-ups) and we installed our brackets!! We drilled through tile! Success!!

I also cut, sanded, and oiled our shelves. We still need to screw the shelves onto the brackets but had to get the right screws first and only just bought those. I put a few dishes on cause I was so excited, though. Cannot wait to have that space ready for plates and commonly used things!! Unloading our dishwasher is seriously inefficient right now!

And, I already used the vent hood while cooking dinner!! It will be so nice to have that to keep from getting grease splatter on my pretty pendant light and smoking up the house!

We finished late at night so here it is in the dark.

Oh, I also played around with the living room--sneak peek! Our green ComfortWorks cover and figuring out what to put with it...

Gotta finish up the kitchen this week with little things like switch plates (and finishing wiping down the grout) and then the kitchen will be DONE. WOW. So grateful. Remember what we started with?? This is the LISTING photo. As in, most flattering photo ever taken of this sad space.

Sorry to affront your eyes with all that oak. 

Now that the kitchen is almost done we will be moving on to a couple other big projects for April--hint: not just one bathroom... (!!!!) I can't wait.

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