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DIY gifts that are actually useful (DIY gift guide!)

Search "DIY holiday gifts" and you'll likely find a lot of options for hot chocolate in a jar, possibly even with pipe cleaner reindeer antlers and a red pompom nose. Another common DIY gift tutorial is the personalized coffee mug using Sharpie or other semi-permanent tool, but trust me, those do not hold up to many washings!!

I'm a pretty practical person, even around the holidays, and I don't love making, giving, or receiving cutesy gifts that aren't useful and I don't have a place to store or use. So over the years I've made a few really wonderful things that I like for myself and gift recipients, and that I think are useful to have as well as fun to receive!! My all-time favorites are my heat-up rice bag and flannel cases, which I've made for my mom, mother-in-law, and others, and my delicates travel bag sorter with cute labels for "wash" and "wear." 

But, I rounded up 10 DIY holiday gift ideas from around the blogosphere including a few others of mine and some I'd like to try!! (See all my DIY gift projects and tutorials here.) DIY gifts are more personal and special than storebought, and you can make them with friends on a cozy afternoon in December. Much less stressful than shopping at the mall.

10 DIY gifts that are actually useful

1. Pie potholder (or any custom shape you want! I love the idea of personal potholders this year.)

2. Pretty DIY serving tray from a cutting board. Brilliant!

3. Flavored infused olive oil  (& labels). Use a high quality olive oil and some pretty bottles, and print these free labels!

4. Pretty pearl string knot necklace. I am so proud of this one!

5. Essential oil epsom bath salts for sore muscles. Smells sooooo good and is great for an active person! I made some for my dad last year when he was doing a lot of construction on their rental unit.

6. Heat-up rice bag and flannel case. The classic. I have two for myself of different rice densities and they are so great for sore neck, low back, whatever or just for warming up!

7. Shibori tie-dye napkins. Looks a little tricky but so pretty and trendy, and would be so much more meaningful homemade!

8. Essential oil holiday room spray (& labels). These sound so delicious-smelling and are so cute!

9. Spiced soap for men. I would loooove to make soap, and it's hard to think of DIY gifts for men! Check and check!

10. Wash/wear delicates travel bag. I made this for one of my oldest friends for her bachelorette party and she brought it on her honeymoon. I made one for myself, too, and it's so handy traveling! The sewing part is easy and I made the cute labels and text with my Silhouette Cameo machine.

And a bonus--what better way to introduce your DIY gift than with these adorable free printable homemade gift tags!!

What are you favorite DIY gifts to receive, and go-tos that you like to make??

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