DIY essential oil bath salts for sore muscles

Bath salts! Sounds relaxing, right?

I know epsom/magnesium salt baths can be very soothing for sore muscles, and transdermally is a great way to absorb magnesium. I also know there are some powerful essential oils and blends out there that can really help with tight and painful muscles! I looked around, but I didn't see a lot of recipes for a combination of the two. DIY bath salts can be calming, energizing, or just nicely scented, but I wanted to make one that was also kind of medicinal, with some strategically selected essential oils!

I found four sore muscle essential oil blends (for back rubs and/or soaking) (1, 2, 3, 4), and the folks at Aura Cacia sent me some essential oils to try them out--along with a recommendation for which oils would be best together.

I looked at lots of bath salts recipes, too, and I found this blog post about the purposes behind each of the common ingredients in DIY bath salts. I love understanding stuff like the whys behind ingredients. For example, for what I needed I decided to use baking soda but not some of the others you may see.

And here's the result of my experiment! A really wonderful-smelling, totally soothing (mentally and physically) epsom salt bath salts recipe!

Sore Muscle DIY Epsom Salt Bath Soak

You will need:

  • 2 c. epsom salt (plain)
  • 1/2 c. baking soda
  • 90 drops German Chamomile Precious Essential™ 
  • 30 drops Roman chamomile precious essential oil 
  • 18 drops peppermint essential oil 
  • 12 drops wintergreen essential oil 
  • 6 drops clove essential oil

You can find all these oils at Pharmaca online or in-store.


1. Combine epsom salt and baking soda in a bowl; mix together well.

2. Add essential oils (isn't it funny how they're different colors?) and stir to combine well.

3. Pour into a large airtight container.

Use 1/2 cup per bath.

This stuff smells amazing (adding each oil was a fun surprise, smelling each bottle's addition!) and feels great in the bath. The hardest part of using bath salts for sore muscles is making time to take a bath!! I've been fitting in a lot of workouts after work lately, so on my rest day this week I took a bath instead of a post-workout shower in the evening. It felt soooo good!

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