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10 simple romper patterns--in 6+ styles

Rompers are everywhere, you guys. I thought they really came on strong in 2014, but I'm seeing even more this summer, so maybe 2015 is the Year of the Romper!

I don't mind. They're comfortable in hot weather, flattering for lots of figures because you can find or make them in so many silhouettes, and as easy to make as dresses! I made this grey knit romper last year and it's totally comfy and versatile for warm weekends. I have at least one more romper planned for this summer! It's not cut out yet because I'm kind of still designing it. In fact, that's where this post comes in!

While looking at styles and patterns, I found lots of options and 10 that I really liked. I rounded them up together here for you!

(By the way, I did double check the meaning of romper vs. playsuit when writing this post... the best answer I found was, playsuit and romper are synonymous and mean a piece of clothing where the top and the shorts are joined together (short or long sleeved, but always shorts on the bottom). A jumpsuit, however, is the same as a playsuit but has long legs. This meshes with my early 90's childhood memories of jumpsuits.)

10 Simple Romper Patterns

Take a look at these easy romper pattern options in strapless or tube top versions, crossover bodices, button-up styles, and more varied cuts! You can find these patterns online at the links I dug up, or at fabric stores for the bigger brands.
I have personally used Simplicity 1355 4 times now (click here to see the 3 I've blogged so far!) and just bought one of those strapless patterns as well. You also can use most dress patterns with natural waists and the shorts from a romper pattern with a similar silhouette, if you want to get creative! I'm still debating on the pattern for my next romper!

Let's make some great rompers this summer!!

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