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Back at it! Cabinet knobs and kitchen painting. #stanley90sreno week 9

So, last week at this time we were feeling a little worn out and less excited than before about all the house projects on our list. Turns out taking a weekend off (a night away plus lots of Christmasey things!) gave us a serious energy boost. We were really excited to get back to the to-do list around the house this past weekend!

Our flooring delivery was supposed to come last Friday but was delayed--hopefully it will be this week and we will have our hands (and knees, and feet/weight for holding boards in place) very full/busy with installing flooring room by room for a long time! We also are waiting on our counter tops and tile for the kitchen, so things aren't moving super fast but we can still get plenty of other tasks done in the meantime.

What we wanted to do this week/weekend (successes crossed off):

  • Clean up kitchen demo junk in back yard
  • Put up final doors
  • Put up final curtain rod
  • Fix fridge door
  • Fix half bath door closing
  • Tidy garage so I can park there
  • Fix wheel on entertainment unit drawer
  • Tighten kitchen faucet
  • Get/install correct screws for ceiling fan
  • Install beam
  • Demo master bath door frames
  • Remove final floor staples in spare room (need final doors installed first)
  • Touch up kitchen cabinet paint
  • Install cabinet hardware (1/2!)
  • Finish painting kitchen

Lots of 10-minute tasks! And some bigger ones (like the beam! We don't have a tall enough ladder!) and some that rely on others. But, my primary goal was to install the cabinet hardware.

I have been kind of terrified of doing it since you want the handles perfectly centered, level, and matching each other. [Nervous emoji.] The holes on the hardware we used are 5" apart, too wide for the hardware template I bought!! So I had to do a lot of measuring, leveling, centering, marking, double-checking, drilling, and some correcting.

I tried to make my own but it was more trouble than help. So I marked dimensions on my level.

I bought these 5" spread handles and debated about the cabinet doors but bought round knobs for those instead. Now I've decided I really don't like the way the round knobs look, but the 5" handles are too long turned vertical and look funny horizontal on the doors, so I think I need to buy some 3" handles in the same style for the doors.

I have spent literally hours debating about our cabinet hardware, scrolling through my pinboards and shopping all the hardware places. Ugh. So tough. We are limited with these flat-front, rounded-corner 90's cabinet and drawer fronts so I can't do a really nice shaker style cabinet with more traditional handle like I might like. I want to choose something that fits what we have but is also stylish.

Although, I'm still actually totally torn about the handles in general and am debating switching to brushed brass!! Something like this.

But, I also go back and forth about if I should go true black on the cabinets and repaint them all. It wouldn't be that hard, really, but also I could just live with the beautiful dark grey for a while and see how I feel.

Would it be weird to have the brushed brass modern pulls and the brushed nickel faucet and stainless steel appliances?? I don't mind mixing metals in concept but it's hard to figure out in practice!

Please, cast your vote for the brushed nickel pulls we have now or the brushed brass mode modern ones!

Back to what we did this week/weekend... we did finish painting the kitchen, even the window wall which I'm going to tile, but it's just so much better to have clean-looking walls and ceiling (the grease stain is cleaned and covered up!!) as we continue to make progress on other little things in the kitchen.

This week we're gearing up for lots of flooring installation, if the delivery makes it on time! That and, of course, my cabinet hardware saga continues. Please let me know what you think! Brushed nickel or brushed brass??!? (And, dark grey or black cabinets?!?)

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