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Healthy holiday gift guide

We usually forget about January and New Year's resolutions coming up until right before January 2, don't we? We give tins of cheddar and caramel popcorn and go holiday shopping after work instead of to the gym or making dinner and packing lunches, right?? We stay up late at parties and work really hard at work to gear up for taking some days or a week off.

I imagine some people enjoy every part of this season, including abandoning habits in favor of celebration! But it's not that way for everyone, and I know I, at least, like to think about my health and make good choices even now. I've rounded up some favorite products that will help you and your loved ones with gifting fun, quality items that might make creating or sticking to productive habits easier! (Let's be honest, I'm not done with my holiday shopping yet--are you?!?)


  • Le Creuset enameled cast iron mini skillet, 6 1/3". I have one of these and I use it every.single.day for my eggs. They don't stick!! It's so fabulous.
  • Lodge enameled cast iron 11" skillet. Such a good price; we use ours for burgers, stir frys, big sautes and skillets, pork chops... it goes right into the oven, so convenient!
  • The Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. I got one earlier this year and have gotten so much value out of it! It works like a slow cooker but in only 30 minutes or an hour! Or cooks rice in about 4 minutes. It does all kinds of things.
  • The Fed & Fit book. I have heard nothing but fabulous things!! Cassy Joy has zillions of healthy, nourishing recipes on her blog but has just published this book that presents four pillars of health--mindset, sleep & hydration, food, and fitness--before offering a 28-day reset plan for healthier habits and meeting your goals, then 190 easy, versatile recipes and a bunch of workouts designed by Juli Bauer of PaleOMG! These ladies are so energetic and positive, and also real, that you can't help but feel inspired by their helpful ideas and attitudes for making those four pillars easier in your life. This book would be great for a friend looking for some grain-free recipes or for yourself as we get into the new year!
  • The Inspiralizer! My mother-in-law got us a spiralizer for Christmas one year and it was just a great gift. We use it for zoodles, spiralized sweet potatoes for skillet/hash, and more (and yet I wouldn't have bought it for myself). This model is supposed to be the ultimate one!


  • High density foam roller. I'm literally kneeling on ours right now. We keep it in our living room most of the time so we can use it while watching TV together or working on our laptops. Of course, it's also good for focused rolling (I love this tutorial) and the big one is so easy to use for opening up back and shoulders! Aaah...
  • Really cool workout pants (I love these and these). I am a super minimalist with my workout clothes and usually wear any ol' tank top and bare feet or socks for most of my workout if I can... but I do like colorful or cute yoga pants! They're great on long walks or hikes, too!

Other goodies

  • Clean body products like Dr. Bronner's (peppermint bar soap, lip balms, or liquid soap gift set). These are such high quality and always organic and fair trade.
  • Really, really good chocolate. The Money on Honey brand are sweetened with California wildflower honey and sprinkled with fleur de sel. No cheap mystery ingredients. What a treat, and much better than candy sweetened with corn syrup or GMO sugar!

You can shop all these fun things directly here!

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