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Real wool rugs... 12 of them, huge ones, under $400!

Well, I've moved on from designing tile and grout color combinations for our new house (that's so two weeks ago), then to dining room and kitchen lighting, and now to rugs. It will still be a while till we're ready to lay a rug down, but I'll THREE big spaces on the first floor plus our bedroom to finish with area rugs, and right now all we have are small ones. One thing I've learned since jumping back into home decor is a too-small rug is a decorating sin. Apparently.

So I've been looking for BIG rugs. But all of the decor inspirations I've been pinning have high quality design elements including natural fibers and really nice investment pieces like wool rugs, not the cheap polypropylene imitations that pop up in a lot of my online searches (since our budget is not huge).

But I'm nothing if not dedicated (and obsessed with the new house right now!). I've spent probably hours searching affordable online sources and I've found a few faves that are 100% wool, nice and big (most of them are 8'x10'), and under $400! Some even under $300! Some are on sale right now, so check it out ASAP if you're also in the market--or pin for later if you're still in the idea stage!

First, here's some statement rug inspiration for you. A small rug would just not work in this space! And a plastic-ey one would totally clash with the natural wood pieces and rustic indigo-dyed pillows I love so much.

Here's another. I love the traditional, muted tones with the modern light fixture.

Less traditional but still neutral, the fluffy patterned flokati. Dresses up or down!

And here are the results of my internet-combing for rugs that might work for us! And you!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

I'm really into the blues, and of course the neutrals as always. And some bright, warmer colors! It will be a tough decision when we start buying rugs for our spaces!

Which are your faves?
Do you have any rug-buying tips?!

You can also shop these rugs below! Some of the Target ones are on sale this week, check them out! (Hover over the images to see price & source.)

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