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Bring on summer! White embellished off-the-shoulder top

This top is so summery! Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we can wear sandals and cut-offs and lightweight cotton tops with abandon, right?

I made this very festive off-the-shoulder top as a total knock-off of this swimsuit cover-up, pink trim and white cotton lace and all.  Read about it after the jump...

I really liked the swimsuit cover-up but I have absolutely zero use for one, and I saw it worn as a top on Instagram I think and thought, I could make that and wear it anywhere! I considered doing the cropped waist with elastic, but then I would only wear it with high-waisted jeans and I don't have many of those. Here's the original:

I couldn't find trim that wide but I did find this very cool pinkish-purplish patterned cottony ribbon at the big box fabric store, on a little card with a couple other patterned ribbons. I just barely had enough so I made the ruffle a little smaller than the pattern called for. (I used McCall's M6558 for the loose-fitting strapless sort of bodice with armhole shapes, and the ruffle, with modifications.)

I thought it called for pink lipstick and big drop earrings!

And sunnies.

So far I've just worn it with jeans but it'll look great with cut-off denim shorts. I'm glad I didn't do the cropped look but it is a little on the long side - I might do a partial tuck with some lower-cut jeans. I also tried it with a narrow waist belt, which kind of worked but I don't like wearing two belts so it didn't work with these jeans. Any other outfit ideas?

I just love it and feel so summery!

Pattern: McCall's M6558

  • Extended the bodice of View A straight, rather than adding the skirt
  • Shrunk the ruffle a little so my trim would fit all the way around 

Here's the original and some other similar looks, if you're not in the sewing mood! Plus some other accessories like these must-have huarache flats!

Update: I shortened it and added elastic! From my Instagram:

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