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Ultimate simple real food, unprocessed protein shake recipe!

I've played around a lot in the past few years with where I get my macronutrients, and how much... and I've learned that it's sometimes hard for both husband and me to get enough protein! We've tried several brands of protein shakes in the past, but I haven't felt great about buying any of them regularly (due to quality concerns, flavor/sweeteners, price, sourcing...). I've also made a simple homemade stick blender protein shake and protein tea with grassfed collagen peptides, but the other weekend we were at a friend's house and started talking about the 5-lb bag of grassfed unflavored whey in their cupboard. Our friend has been making 1-2 homemade protein shakes in the blender every day since he recently really increased his activity level, and he throws just about everything into them! Milk, cocoa powdermaca powderMCT oil, a banana or other fruit... he's not as concerned about flavor as getting nutrients in, but I bet sometimes they do taste really good.

It got me inspired and thinking, I really ought to perfect my basic homemade protein shake. I've made several of these now using my fave ingredients, and you can substitute a lot of other flavors and ingredients based on what you're in the mood for.

This shake works with collagen peptides protein powder or unflavored whey protein so you can make it completely dairy-free/paleo-friendly or lactose-free, if you can tolerate whey.

This shake is naturally sweetened with a banana and the nut butter makes it extra creamy and gives it some quality fat - so it's a pretty balanced post-workout (or anytime) snack with protein, fat, and some carbohydrates!

Real food homemade dairy-free or whey protein shake



    1. Add all ingredients to blender. (Start with the coconut milk and then add the protein powder so it doesn't stick to the edges.) Jostle the blender container lightly so powders mix in.
    2. Blend until ice cubes and frozen banana pieces are crushed, about 10-30 seconds (only 10 or so with a VitaMix or Blendtec).

    Serve cold and eat with a spoon like a milkshake! Or a straw, but it's pretty thick and I prefer to eat it a little slower with a spoon. A nutritious treat!

    More ideas and optional add-ins:

    You could add all kinds of things to this shake! But here are a few that I've tried and/or am pretty sure would be delicious:
    • Maca powder (sort of malt-ey, butterscotch-ey flavor - good with or without the cocoa powder)
    • MCT oil or coconut oil for some extra brain-boosting, satiating fats
    • Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice (here's my recipe!)
    • 2-4 dates or maple syrup if your bananas aren't sweet enough
    • Other frozen fruit/berries (probably skip the cocoa powder if you do peaches or something!)

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