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Dream kitchens and dishwashers, and learning more

Tracking PixelWe're still thinking about our next house. Daydreaming about the perfect "cosmetic fixer" with great potential that's totally livable and well-maintained, just needs a few fun upgrades. In the whole house-selling and -buying process that we abandoned this summer, we've learned a LOT and continue to learn about being homeowners of our current place versus one that will need a little more work. (Helping my parents out as they remodel their rental bungalow has taught us a lot, too!) We're also learning about shopping for important home purchases like appliances!

This post is sponsored by Sears Home Appliances and Services. For this post, I recently visited a Sears Home Appliances and Services store and learned about what to look for in a new dishwasher. Sears Home Appliances and Services has very knowledgeable staff to help customers navigate the appliance-shopping process and is the leading retailer of home appliances in the US (installing 4.5 million appliances each year) as well as #1 in home services, parts, and protection agreements. Great place for one-stop shopping and advice for homeowners looking to buy new or maintain appliances!

First, some inspiration--just last week I found this amazing ranch home makeover on Jen's blog. Seriously, look at the before and after on this place!! I love how it turned out, with the open, white look and modern lines.

Oh, I love kitchens...

I love the stainless steel appliances in modern kitchens, but particularly the sleek dishwashers you see nowadays with hidden buttons and quiet, fast run time. Like this one below... I bet it's so much quieter than ours!

When I went to Sears Home Appliances and Services for this post I talked to one of their appliance staff about shopping for a dishwasher. He was friendly and thorough, and knew more than I thought you could know about dishwashers. I asked about mid-price range dishwashers, stainless steel look, hopefully something quiet. Some things I learned...

  • Nicer newer dishwashers have stainless steel interiors which makes them much quieter than ones with plastic interiors (like our builder-grade one at home).
  • A lot of them have a food filter/trash area inside that you can easily see and clean out--so you don't have to rinse all the food off before washing.
  • Most models are extremely water-efficient... the Kenmore Elite models we looked at used only about 15 gallons for the express wash, and 30+ for the standard. Much more efficient than washing dishes by hand, too.
  • Some of the models have adjustable racks so you can raise or lower the top rack depending on what you put on the bottom! This would be so useful for washing bigger pots and pans!
  • There are a lot of very cool handles on dishwashers, with the buttons on the top (looks sleek but also keeps them from accidentally being pushed by kids or people squeezing past). Bosch's models have handle options for the same dishwasher models. I loved the industrial handles on this Kitchen Aid dishwasher.

Click on over to Sears Home Appliances and Services to see the great prices and selection! And visit your local store if you have questions. They and their staff are "House Experts for Homeowners."

Thanks to Sears Home Appliances and Services for sponsoring this post!

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