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Slow transition to fall... a navy geometric stripe miniskirt (aargh, accidental sideways skirt again?!)

This happens every year. I'm a summer person, and I'm not ready for cooler weather, earth toned clothing, and pumpkin everything. Not ready yet. It's not even Labor Day, and I'm seeing fall and holiday stuff everywhere.

But I can't resist forever. I realized this year that I should slowly transition into the next season, and gracefully shift my wardrobe, cooking, and habits into fall-friendly ones. So I'm starting with this miniskirt!

It's a heavier brocade fabric, so it's not too summery for a fall look, but it's a miniskirt so it's good in the still-warm weather we've been having. I found this cool fabric and wanted a super simple design, so I used New Look 6003 but without the waistband!

Oh--the super bummer thing--this is not the first time I've done this, but unfortunately I designed the skirt for a horizontal stripe and then just went to default mode when cutting and cut it out in-line with the grain. URGH, why do I do that?!! I didn't remember or notice until I was almost done with the skirt, even!! "Wait, didn't I want to do this with horizontal stripes....aaaaack, crap!!!" is about how it went. I'm just so used to cutting things on the grain.

So, it turned out okay, although not as fun and pattern-emphasizing as I was hoping.

It still works well for a late summer outfit--I could even wear it to work, like with a navy sweater or button-up--and was a reason to pull out some riding boots for mid-week date night this week!
Jacket: Old Navy (similar). Tee: Gap. Necklace: Old Navy. Bag: Wilson's Leather (similar). Boots: Urban Outfitters (similar). Skirt: DIY!

Here's to a slow, seasonally appropriate wardrobe shift this fall! And, may I pay more attention next time I cut something out!

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