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DIY ribbon trim table runner tutorial

My dining table is usually bare. Except for maybe a notepad or empty flower vase, or overflow from husband's book bag. When we're not using it, the dining table sits plain in the dining area, un-decorated and un-festive.

I don't want to put a table cloth on it all the time, or place mats, because they get dirty with use and are harder to clean. I don't have fresh flowers all the time, and I don't want to scrape up the surface with living plant pots. The table is 72" long, so almost all the table runners I see in stores (while cute, and in so many fun styles!) are too short to look right. They are super easy to make, but I haven't made one in years!

So I was inspired when I saw this ribbon from Offray--I loved the bright, tropical leaf print and thought a simple runner design with a bright white would really show it off! So I finally got my act together and made a summery runner for our poor, lonely table.

Here's a tutorial for how you can make a chic, bold table runner with some great ribbon and simple fabric!

DIY Ribbon Trim Table Runner

You will need:

  • 2-5 yards cotton twill, cotton duck, linen, or linen-look fabric (depending on table size)
  • Twice the yardage of the fabric in fun ribbon (I used this 2.5" wide satin ribbon)
  • Standard sewing supplies


1. Cut or tear two pieces of even size. Mine were about 14" wide.

2. Sew the long seams right sides together.

3. Press the seams to one side, from the inside and outside.

4. Press flat. Fold the tube you've created so the seams are centered on the side edges, and press and pin flat.

5. Topstitch about 1/4" (presser foot width) from the edge on both edges. 

6. Cut two pieces of ribbon 2-3" longer than the unhemmed runner and remove the wires. I found it helps to stand on the bottom of the ribbon as you scrunch and pull!

7. Position the ribbon the desired distance from the edge and pin. For a narrower ribbon, father might look nicer... or closer, hard to say. Mine was 5/8" from the edge. Pin on the outer edge, with a few stabilizing pins on the inner edge to keep it on grain.

8. Topstitch the outer edge of the ribbon.

9. Topstitch the outer edge, using your hand and the stabilizing pins to keep it flat.

10. Turn ends under and press. Treat them as one piece and turn under 1/4" or so, then 3/4" or so and press and pin. 

11. Hem by machine or by hand.

Display proudly!

Here it is in my dining room, making the table look less lonely when it's not in use!

Thanks to Offray for sponsoring this post!

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