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A book on practically everything interesting - The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook! And a giveaway

There are a LOT of great books out there on topics I care about. LOTS of beautiful real food cookbooks, lots of books on backyard chickens and urban homesteading, lots of beautiful, inspiring lifestyle photography books, lots of books on what's wrong with our food system for sustainability and health. So when Diana Rodgers (of The Sustainable Dish blog and Modern Farm Girls podcast) combined ALL those topics and more into this one amazing book, I knew it was worth having!!

And The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook has not disappointed. I've loved sharing this book with my husband (we dream of having chickens!) and am excited to read it with my mother-in-law, a pro gardener and the one who introduced us to local grassfed beef- and pastured hog share-buying.

So I was also very excited to share it with you! And overwhelmed as to where to start on this review. So much good stuff!

Check out this page on Diana's blog for more about the book, plus a beautiful video trailer!

The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook is more than 400 pages of info, including gorgeous photos (they were shot in FILM photography!! How many gardening/homesteading/cookbooks can say that?), and is split into sections about 1) the case for sustainable living and eating, and the problems with standard modern diets, 2) Raising, 3) Growing, 4) Cooking, and 5) Living. So many things I care about!

The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook Review

Here are a few of my favorite pages and tidbits from the book.

The "Raising" section talks about chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and even bees!

I've heard about Diana's chicken coops on wheels (on podcasts), so it was cool to see this photo of them! And read about the role chickens play in a sustainable farm.

The "Growing" section is also an incredible resource. The parts about getting started with a food garden (on any scale, even porch planters) are helpful for me since I'm a newbie at it. Some great science on soil health, too.

And specifics about growing each family of produce.

Possibly my favorite page in the book is this map of what you can grow on a 1/8 acre, 1/4 acre, or 1 acre plot of land. Oh, how I hope I can one day (soon?) have a yard of any size at all, and be able to produce some of our own food on it!

Of course, there are also RECIPES! In the "Cooking" section, the 100+ recipes are organized by season. This is super helpful for those of us with CSA subscriptions, too... I've been getting a lot of the ingredients for the "Early Season Recipes" in our CSA box each week, and this book is organized for seasonal eating and using foods that are available at the same time as each other. Perfect!!

Diana took more than a year to get all the photos taken, so she was able to capture each season on the farm. It's incredible what we can produce all year 'round, and if you subscribe to a year-round CSA or winter CSA like we do, you know you get some amazing produce in the winter, too. The photos of all the recipes are so gorgeous (film photography of fresh, local food through the seasons... what more could you want in an appetizing cookbook?), every page is inspiring. And, Diana is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and notes in each recipes if it can be made nut-free, egg-free, Autoimmune Protocol-friendly, or Whole30-compliant. All the recipes are gluten-free and most are or can be dairy-free.

This roasted asparagus soup with trumpet mushrooms and sorrel recipe is also available on Diana's blog!

There are important kitchen tips in the "Cooking" section, too, like basic canning methods (I need to learn!!), how to make and refrigerate broths, how to grill... and this, how to care for cast iron cookware. We love our cast iron, but it did take some getting used to.

The "Living" section of the book has DIY projects like beeswax candles, ideas for games, and tips for de-stressing. And some tips and encouragement on eating good food on a budget/"making it work in real life."

Even if you don't have land (we have two decks, no yard) or a green thumb, the book is helpful and informational about how we buy food. The first part shares some help for being an educated consumer (like what all the terminology on egg varieties means), and I love reading stats like how Americans' budgets have changed over the years on how much we spend on food.


I can't explain how much great information is packed into this beautiful book. I'm sure you will love The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook if you love cooking real, high quality food!

Diana has generously offered one of my readers a copy of this incredible book! Enter here! Ends Thursday, 5/21 at 9:00 PM PST.

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