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Early fall plaid, and How to Wear DIY

Late summer, early fall plaid... a DIY project that may be... and sticking it to the marketers in practice.

I am all about savoring every last bit of summer. Which I guess technically ended yesterday! I guess I can't keep talking about "late summer" anymore... that's okay, "early fall" sounds like a pretty nice season to be in, too.

This past weekend, we did some favorite summery things in the hot weather--a hike at the Hoyt Arboretum and Pittock Mansion, reading outdoors, grilling with the in-laws, and picking more figs at my parents' house. It still feels like summer, but I don't feel like dressing in the tropical brights and fruit prints of July, so I compromised and pulled out a summer version of a plaid--this maxi dress I made last year.

Ignoring early seasonal marketing... until it's not early anymore

As I talked about at the end of last month, I'm so tired of being told by my magazines and the stores I visit to shop for wool and plaid and earth tones, months before I'll need them, as I sweat in my tank top and cut-offs in the 95 degree heat. Seriously, it was 95 degrees on Saturday. (I actually did buy a wool hat, though. I'm finally caving since I don't think this weather will last.)

But, really, enough with the shopping for new things that I don't need right now, and hooray for pulling out favorites from last summer like this dress because the weather calls for it, goshdarnit. This maxi dress is great for summer because it has sewn-in bra pads! because who wants to wear a bra when it's lightweight cotton maxi dress weather, but I also felt pretty good wearing it in September since it's plaid. Plaid and fall are best friends, right?

Also--a DIY project that may one day be

I spotted this jean jacket at an estate sale the other weekend and was reminded that I've been meaning to buy a thrifted jean jacket and turn it into a jean vest, since those are looking pretty cute these days.

As you can see, I have not yet done that! It is 10-year-old Old Navy (does that count as "vintage"?) and I love it. And it was $1. I thought it would seem dated and weird when I put it on, but it fit really well and looked good! They definitely don't make them quite this sturdy anymore, that's for sure! Funny how I can tell the difference. I already have two jean jackets, actually, so I don't really need this one, but I like it as a jacket and I'm not sure if I should take the plunge and turn it into a vest! What's your vote?
Jacket: Estate sale. Sandals: Old Navy, wish I had them in every color. Dress: DIY, here!

So, to make it a vest or not to make it a vest?!


  1. Love that dress! It's a great outfit, looks fall-like, but cool enough for the crazy hot weekend we had. stumptowncrafter.blogspot.com

  2. I still have that jacket. Has it really been 10 years?!! (It has.... I just found it in old college pictures. Dang!!)

  3. I LOVE your site...but what's up with these awful pop up ads you are now displaying?! They are horrible and crash my iPad each.and.every.time I try. I'd really like to see your fig post but it doesn't even let me get that far.

  4. Well, since you already have a jean jacket, why not go for the vest?!! :o) This dress is the perfect thing for this in-between seasons weather! And it doesn't hurt that you look great in it. :o)


  5. I say keep the sleeves, it's a nice looking jean jacket! Turn one of your other jackets into a vest instead. :-D

  6. Thank you! Ugh, that sounds frustrating, I wasn't aware of those! I'll look into it and try to remove them. Thanks for the heads up!

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