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Little Fixes: refashioning kids' clothes!

I think it is so exciting when fellow bloggers write books. I love seeing beautiful books in the sewing section of Powell's by names I recognize, and I love seeing the behind-the-scenes on blogs and social media! Writing a book was always a goal of mine, too, and I can't wait to share my book with you when it's out in May of 2015, but until then, I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing about this refashioning book for kids by Disney of Ruffles and Stuff.

I've been reading Disney's blog since, uh, right around the time I started blogging, I guess! Sometime in 2009, back when her now 7-year-old was very small. Disney does fun party decor, headbands, clothing and home refashions, and projects for her cute daughter. She now has two foster toddlers living with her, so even more experience working with and for kids!

Disney just came out with a book about reusing, recycling, repurposing, and restyling kids' clothes to make them last longer. A whopping 54 projects for boys and girls, toddlers to teenagers, for clothes that are too small, too big, damaged, or out of season. And with a great name: Little Fixes: 54 Clever Ways to Extend the Life of Kids' Clothes!

Disney sent me a PDF copy to read and enjoy.

I don't have any little ones to sew for, but I sure do appreciate good refashioning ideas! I love some of the ideas for covering stains and rips - the faux plaid shirt is very cool, and the polka dot sweater patch project is totally something I would wear! The t-shirt transplant is another great idea, and I love seeing her photos of the reverse applique method.

Having just written a sewing book myself, I can totally appreciate the work Disney put into the projects (and she did the styled photos herself!). The introduction has some great basics on supplies and techniques that will help you with the projects.

Plus the kids are really cute. The book features 12 models, which I can assume are friends of Disney's, and they totally lend their personality to the shots (and quotes!).

Disney succeeded in making a fun, colorful, practical, easy-to-use sewing book for moms and kids! Please check it out on Amazon if you're looking for some new projects, or as a great holiday gift!

This is not a sponsored post and I received no compensation for my review. I just like sharing successes of fellow bloggers with you!


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  4. Nope, I left it as-is, but I think 1) spray adhesive! or 2) quilting stitches or ties would work and not be too hard! Like this http://www.everythingsewing.net/babyquilt.htm or this http://quiltingintherain.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-tie-quilt.html.

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