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Inspired! A cropped lace top

I finally caught up on my April and May magazine-reading the other weekend, and saved several pages for my (hard copy, pre-Pinterest) inspiration binder. I get too many of them and they usually pile up for several weeks until they get overwhelming, and then I have a marathon session of flipping through for outfit ideas as well as sewing ideas and inspiration!

Usually I tear out ideas for dresses I want to make, but this time around I also found this pretty eyelet lace top. I don't often sew boxy, looser-fitting things (or tops at all), but maybe this one, with the simple lace and cheerful, bright whiteness, was more appealing - and I had some fabric in mind! Plus, it's unlined, so very fast to make!

I didn't have eyelet, but I did have this geometric-ey floral lace c/o WholePort!

And I didn't have a pattern for a boxy cropped top, but I did have a simple sheath dress pattern (I used Simplicity 2584, which is out of print, but you could use any basic sheath dress pattern, ideally with side bust darts for shape).

Aside from cutting the dress shorter (to just below the waist), I knew I was going to use a bias binding at the neck, so I cut down 5/8" from the neckline on the front and back pieces, since that amount was meant for seam allowance and would have been turned under.

It's great sewing with chunky lace that doesn't require a lining or hemming!

On the bottom edge I used the "selvage" of the yardage, but on the sleeves I had to trim carefully around the bottom edges of the curved flowers. But still, this went together SO fast - no hemming at all!

Grab some thick/substantial lace and try it yourself!


  1. Wow, I really like your version of the cropped top. I definitely prefer the flower pattern, the original one looks a bit too sporty for my taste.


  2. Soo cute! I would never have thought of trimming the lace myself as you did with the sleeves - I'll have to try that next time :)

  3. I really like this top, it even resembles a top I made a while ago (some pictures of it here: http://vahvateasjadelogiraamat.blogspot.com/2012/09/suguharuhonguline-seelik-ja-pitspluus.html and here: http://www.vahvateasjadelogiraamat.blogspot.com/2014/05/papagoide-ja-lilledega-luhikesed-puksid.html) It looks really good on you, although I think I would have made it maybe a few inches longer - so it wouldn't neccesserely require another top beneath or high wasted pants or skirt so there were more possibilities for wearing.

  4. Wow the top is so pretty and the scalloped hem is really effective!

  5. How lovely! I really like frilly hem, just so sweet I am inspired to buy some white lace...

  6. so cute! I like yours better than the inspiration pic, fab idea!!

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  8. This top is super cute and looks great on you!

  9. I've never commented before, but I have to say that top is AMAZING. I like it better than the one in the magazine that inspired you. I love how you rework/redesign trends and make them more practical and wearable. I don't even know how to sew, but I like reading/seeing all your ideas.

  10. I do love simple white lace tops! Very cute!

  11. Thank you!! Thanks so much for the comment too, and am happy to have readers enjoy reading from a non-sewing perspective!

  12. I love this! I actually have some lace like this but have been too intimidated to try and sew it. What stitch type did you use (straight, zig zag?). I am scared about sewing such an open weave. Did you do anything special around the seams to reinforce them?

  13. Thanks! I actually didn't use anything special to reinforce, but used a smallish-medium stitch and it feels pretty secure. It's sturdy lace for the most part. You could certainly reinforce with a zigzag on the edge or a bias seam binding!



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