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DIY or share - fun, budget-friendly shopping alternatives! A clothing swap party!

A very happy party story to share today! You know I love to DIY just about anything, particularly clothing to get a look I want without spending tons of money on clothes, but of course I'm also interested in thrifting and maximizing my wardrobe to look good for less. This past weekend involved a successful first for me, something I've wanted to do for ages - attend a clothing swap party to trade clothes with friends!

I've been busy with a trip to visit family in Washington last weekend, plus finishing my book (it was due today!! I sent it in last night!!), but I also got a chance to attend my blogger friend Kayla's brunch party with 10 or so of her lady friends. I've seriously wanted to do a clothing swap for ages, seems like such a great idea and so easy and fun! We all have things that just don't work on us for some reason, and rather than give it all to Goodwill, I'd much rather share with my friends! So it was so cool that Kayla hosted a girly brunch and chance to get together, chat, and play with clothes!

Saturday night after our trip I put together a big bag of clothes, jewelry, scarves, shoes, and bags and brought them to share and swap with other people's things! I wasn't sure how it would work, or if it'd be hard to trade fairly or find things I wanted, but it was just a fun free-for-all and we all got friendly right away and helped each other navigate the room. Kayla had curtain rods set on tables turned into racks, where we hung our things on hangers. We separated the room into bottoms and accessories on one side and tops and dresses and shoes on the other. The front living room was perfect for setting up piles on a few tables, too.

There were lots of accessories, as well, which was great - one size fits all! I got two very cool necklaces.

Adding to the party feel was the lovely brunch food everyone brought, and the pretty spread!

Kayla made fresh squeezed juice mimosas. 

I brought my chocolate chia seed coconut milk pudding (this recipe), which got a little messy in the car, as you can see--guess it doesn't travel well, but it's still delicious!! And a great brunch treat!


I highly recommend you try it sometime! Such a great way to save money and resources, relax with friends, and wind up with some great new clothes!

My favorite finds - a pair of white Levi's (white jeans are so hard to find!!) and a very cool mixed metal necklace. Perfect as the seasons are changing! Bring on spring!



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