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Spring break week successes - baking and patterns!

It's hard to believe, but it's spring break already for much of the world and things have felt lighter and more relaxed because of it! We're taking today and tomorrow off and headed up to beautiful Port Angeles, Washington to visit family and have lots of relaxing, reading, Liverpool Rummy-playing, and nature-enjoying planned.

Trying new recipes!

But already the week has been off to a pretty low-stress start. As I Instagrammed Sunday, I made the first pancakes I've made since 2008 or 2009 and was so impressed with this simple grain-free recipe - all it is is banana, egg, almond butter, and a little cinnamon (and I added a tiny bit of baking powder and vanilla, because, why not?). The kitchen was filled with that warm, slightly sweet pancake-ey smell, and husband and I delighted in fluffy, buttery, maple syrup-ey brunch treats.

I also made a special treat Saturday when we had friends over - delicious, rich, dark chocolate sunflower butter brownies. Grain-free, all basic, real food ingredients, so simple - I even made my own sunbutter first (like I did in this post for this recipe) and just made the whole thing in the food processor. I made the Elana's Pantry recipe except I added a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to make them richer and smoother. Oh, and I didn't have chocolate chips or chunks so I whipped up some coconut cream whipped cream (coconut cream + sweetener - I used coconut palm sugar, hence the tan color).

They were so good, you guys. SO good. Still have a couple left in the fridge and I really enjoyed one after a particularly taxing kettlebell class Tuesday night. The perfect non-dry chocolatiness. A must-try!!

I've also been tasked with making the dessert for our family trip up to Port Angeles this weekend. At Christmas I made this incredible flourless chocolate cake and it was a big hit, but I think I want to try something new this time!


One more thing to share that's making me happy this week - I've recently been introduced to Figgy's, a seriously beautiful pattern line by a fellow Portlander, Shelly. She has two boys but has designed so many lovely patterns for little girls (and some for boys!) and I'm so excited for her to brand out into more teen/adult patterns. She's offering Adventures in Dressmaking readers 20% off any Figgy's patterns this week only - March 27 through April 2! Just enter code DRESS20 at checkout!

Such stylish children! I love it!

These combined with my recent knit-sewing experiences have got me really wishing for some more pretty stripes for spring! And some nice solids, like chambray... excited to have summery sewing projects coming up!

Hope you're enjoying the low stress and fun of spring break, too!


  1. Aside from the fact that your spring break has been way more productive than mine, I am also insanely jealous of your food photography skills. Yum!

  2. I've been experimenting with various Paleo pancake recipes lately, mostly with coconut flour since I can't have nuts right now. They are simple and so good, like your experience. Love the kids' clothes. So cute!

  3. Just to let you know that when you click on the Coconut Cream link it takes you to a Amazon page selling a man's bathrobe is that intentional? lol.

  4. OMG how weird! I didn't put that link in, rrrgh...

    Thanks for reading btw!! =)

  5. I've pinned a few coconut flour ones to try later!! They sound delish but loved how simple this one was. Let me know if you try any good easy ones! =)

  6. Aaw, thanks!! I try. Natural light is the key, I think!

  7. The pancakes and chocolate cake look tasty!



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