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Really easy, 7-minute faux fur scarf tutorial

Ready for a super easy, cozy winter project?

As I discussed in a recent How to Wear DIY post where I wore last year's fur infinity scarf/"snood", fur scarves are a seriously versatile neutral and go with pretty much everything and make you feel a little more glam!

They're cozy and fancy, and make lots of outfits look more put-together. Great with fave skinny jeans or a bright bag, I think they're on my (hypothetical) Top 5 Most Versatile Item list for this winter. Srsly.

And the furry infinity scarf is great, sure (I've made several!), but, for this year, I thought I'd make another fur scarf in a new style, and share this tutorial for a trendy longer fur scarf! Seeing more of these this year! They're great belted, like in these pins!

Or wrapped like a traditional scarf!

Easy DIY Faux Fur Scarf Tutorial

You will need:
  • 1.5 - 2 yards faux fur (I used 2 yards, but it was a little long.) (Mine is c/o WholePort.)
  • That's pretty much it. Sewing machine, fabric scissors, etc.

1. Counter to what you're used to doing with patterns and typical cuffs, waistbands, etc., cut one panel along the grain of the fabric, twice the width you want for your scarf (plus 1" to allow for a 1/2" seam allowance).

2. Sew the long seam right sides together, with a 1/2" seam allowance.

3. Open the seam and center it on the opposite side. One one end of the scarf, sew right sides together.
4. Reach your arm inside from the other end, and pull the tube right side out. (Flatten seams as much as you can. You can't really use an iron to press the seams very well in this thick faux fur, but you can flatten them with your hand.) Then, on the open side, turn the edges under 1/2 and topstitch (I used a zigzag to blend in with the fur better).
(Alternatively, you could sew both sides closed right sides together, then snip a few of the stitches in the long seam, turn it right side out, and then handsew the opening closed.)


It's so much smoother and sleeker going along the grain! (My last furry scarf was cut on the width of the fabric, so the pet-able direction is on the narrower length.) But, funny--because it's all one piece, when you wrap it around your neck you can only pet downwards on one side. As I demonstrate below. ;)

Now, pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time... ;)

Haha! I didn't realize that would happen till I made it.

I'm not sure I'd make it so long again, but it sure is versatile like this. Just a few ways to wear it...!

That's it!! Don't you feel capable now?!

Have fun with fur!!


  1. wow! what a fun and easy tutorial. thanks!

  2. adorable! I guess that, by putting a seam in the center (which would often be the back), you could also end up with two "pettable" sides...

  3. It's true! I thought of that when I was done but not sure which would be better, because it might be good to have the whole thing moveable without a designated center back. So you could wear it asymmetrically if you wanted! Might be a good idea for a shorter scarf or something!

  4. I think the moral of my story is that I need to learn how to wear scarves more inventively :) I'm a stick in the mud, lol!



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