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Annual freezing cold beach trip! Plus, How to Wear DIY - for warmth!

My husband and I have been going to the beach in January for many years, now, and before that, I went with my parents a few times. The Oregon coast is cold and rainy most times of the year, but we've never had a rainy trip in January. We figure, it's only a little colder than usual, but there are way fewer people!!

Last year we went to Long Beach, Washington and Astoria (Goonies!) and Cannon Beach, Oregon for a short trip in January. So relaxing. (Same hotel we visited in June of 2012.)

This time was Astoria and Seaside. As you may have seen on my Instagram, the trip had many highlights, including seriously possibly the oldest operational JC Penney store there is... (we went in! We bought shoes!) and an amazing sunrise harbor view.

How to Wear DIY in this post, as well--my cozy faux fur "snood" project from last year, which I do wear quite a lot. (Stay tuned for another faux fur scarf, with this year's flavor! I just finished it the other day!)

Our trip began on a sunny morning to very sing-able old Weezer CDs we pulled out... then we hit up the Oregon Film Museum, the old County jail--and the jail in the first scene of The Goonies.

Astoria has a cute but sort of struggling downtown. This renovated theater is awesome, though.

Cold but beautiful!

We literally walked along the Columbia River at sunset and watched the boats on our way to dinner. So peaceful!
(Coat: Old Navy. Hat: ? Sweater: Old NavyJeans: Some Anthro brand via Goodwill. 
Bag: Old NavyBoots: Borrowed from mom. Scarf: DIY, here!)

We watched the sun set over the Columbia River while enjoying an amaaaaazing dinner at Baked Alaska.

I like boats. This morning we woke up overlooking another pier, and watched the sky get light.

Then we drove down the coast to Seaside, our favorite coast town (for nostalgia, if nothing else). It's a little overly tourist-ey and tacky, but the beach itself and promenade are absolutely perfect for walking and enjoying, and it's what I think of when I think about the beach. We took the same picture we've been taking for years, in full sun so it was hard to keep our eyes open! It was in the 40's and there was NO wind, so it was really quite comfortable with a coat on!

Vacations are amazing. Now it's back to the regular schedule, a full work week like we had before the holidays! ;) It's been a very relaxed few weeks around here.

Here's to vacations, and to getting back to routine!


  1. I love the idea of going someplace in the off season so you get a little bit more peace and the relaxing feel of a coastal town. I somehow always seem to be at the coast when it's really windy and my hair looks crazy on any coast shot with me in it! What a nice little getaway!

  2. Looks like an absolutely wonderful way to spend the first weekend of the new year! I love Astoria and Seaside, but Cannon Beach is my personal favorite. I love the book stores, coffee shops and little galleries there!

  3. I was just in Oregon last April. Beautiful state! Went to Astoria and was so excited to see where they filmed part of the Goonies. Looks like your trip was fun!!! :)

  4. Great photos! You and your husband get better looking all the time!

  5. What an amazing sunset! It looks like a painting! We might be making a trip out to the coast for a quick "babymoon" before the baby comes in April. I will look into these spots. They look like fun!



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