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Simple holiday party DIYs, and How to Wear DIY: leopard for the holidays!

It's a funny combination, but here goes. Last weekend we had a lovely holiday party at our home for family and friends. Pretty proud of myself for DIYing this little invite in PicMonkey and sending it out; it was just what I wanted for the simple potluck get-together. Sweet, not too fancy, festive, natural elements...

Here it is without the address and such!

(You can use it if you want, too! Just save to your computer, open this baby in PicMonkey, and add the date, time, address, and RSVP info at the bottom! Font is Quicksand.)

I also made these little printable food signs that people filled out as they brought things to the table. It's always nice to tie in the theme of the invites with the decor, and these simple paper folding tents were easy and practical! (Here they are below advertising those amazing chocolate chip sunbutter cookies--I made a double batch for the party!)

I even tried to set up a pretty bar! No pro hostess here, just trying with some things I have all year 'round.

As you may have seen on my Instagram, we have two trees this year. Well, the white one is technically not a real tree, if you ask my husband--it's a "Christmas decoration" and does not count as a real Christmas tree! So we have another one that we cut down in the snow, literally, and both were lit up and on display for the part. Great thing about Christmas parties, right? Practically no decor necessary since you already have a tree and probably some candles or Santas up! ;)

And of course a holiday party is a great opportunity to dress up!! I wore this skirt that I made last fall, and I never would have thought it would look festive, but... I think it did! The bright red sweater and TWO shiny gold necklaces helped.

And honestly, black leggings under skirt? Best thing ever in the winter. Especially when the party is at your house and you don't have to go outside in the cold... but still, cozy and comfy! A great hostess outfit!

There were other people there, I swear. ;) Husband took these before anyone arrived. We played Cards Against Humanity for about three hours, I swear!

So print out some cute invites, have some friends over, and pull out the leopard! Or your fave DIY elastic waist skirt!


  1. oooh yeah – leggings are key to turning cute skirts and dresses to appropriate winter wear! Cute outfit, love the flouncy shape of the skirt!

  2. I think this is the only time I've found a leopard-print anything elegant.

  3. your party was a lot of fun! I love that you had both trees up - they are so different but both so well put together and beautiful.



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