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Weekend Inspiration: Early holiday season resistance, decorating, and DIYs

Happy Friday! This week's Weekend Inspiration is a bit resistant, because somehow it's mid-November already and the holiday season is approaching. I have mixed feelings about this.

I guess time flies when you have a warm, dry late summer and early fall for the most part. I feel like I blinked and summer was over at head turned to this grey, rainy weather and Christmas commercials on Hulu already. It's a little unsettling. (Aren't we supposed to wait for Thanksgiving first?)

But, I know from previous years' experience that I love the Christmas season, and will probably want it to last as long as possible. So I thought I kick off the weekend with a little bit of early holiday season inspiration. Get you into the good stuff about the holidays – soft, warm things; gold and sparkly and candles; doing projects indoors. =)

Weekend inspiration for the pre-holiday season

So, what to do this weekend to welcome the dark days and rain, but not go overboard with holiday commercialism and candy canes??

I'm willing to bet Christmas ideas are already FILLING your Pinterest boards, like they are mine. Here are a couple home feed views if you haven't visited yours recently. ;) And then, some of my fave pins!

Some of my favorite [early] holiday season pins!! This weekend I'm inspired to...

Make some naturally wonderful-smelling firestarters. Try them out in your fireplace and maybe make some more as gifts!
Source: Henry Happened via my Pinterest
Wear BRIGHT red, but no green or gold. (I wore a tomato orange-red J.Crew wool pencil skirt yesterday with tights and boots, and it was awesome. Bright is good!)
Source: The Shine Project via my Pinterest

Think about snowflakes, but only the modern black/white edgy kind. 
Source: Etsy via my Pinterest

Try these peppermint chocolate macaroons made with only a few simple, real food ingredients. And tell me how they are, k?? I've got to try this sometime!
Source: Against All Grain via my Pinterest

Spray paint something gold (in your garage, maybe. Where it's not freeeezing already!). Like these paper mâché letters I spray painted ages ago and have hung in our bedroom and office. A little gold never hurt anyone (year-round), but will make your home feel a little more bright and festive for winter!
Source: My home tour

My actual weekend plans ;)

Those are my inspiration images this time of year. I may not actually do more than wear bright red and think about snowflakes. ;) But, I do have some pretty fun plans with friends, one of which may involve some crafting for Christmas gifts. ;)

I'm super excited to try out this DIY deodorant recipe (can you call it a recipe? or is that gross?) with a friend of mine who has experience with homemade lip balms and lotions and things. I ordered the beeswax pellets and vegetable glycerin and essential oil on Amazon and everything! I feel so prepared, but intimidated because I've never done this kind of thing before! Any tips?

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Are you fighting the holiday joy that's creeping in on us, or are you doing holiday shopping already??


  1. I'm excited to see how the deodorant making goes! I like in one of your feed pictures there is a pin of a garland with some greenery on it. So simple, clean and natural!

  2. the fire starter is awesome. I might have to make some of that as well. let me know how the deodorant making goes, i have been wanting to switch to a homemade variety but am a little nervous to attempt it.

  3. in the spirit!!! diy at my house this weekend too!

  4. There is a really good natural deodorant by earth science.
    But let us know how it goes. I kinda want to make my own parfume:-)

  5. There is an article about Portland, Oregon in the travel special of our newspaper, sounds as a very nice and inspiring city. Must be a lovely place, maybe I will go there ones when I visit the US.

  6. Cool! Yes, it's an awesome place to live and visit!

  7. I'm nervous too! I'll report back!

  8. Totally! Nature for the holidays, so pretty and classy!

  9. I can't get enough of the holiday inspiration on Pinterest this year :) And good luck with the deodorant!



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