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Made in the USA, perfect fit skinny jeans, and Lucky Brand

So you may have read my recap of the Portland Fashion Week fun stuff I got to attend... it was a seriously cool weekend and lots of great local designers and people from all over celebrating Portland. One super amazing part was, Lucky Brand did styling sessions with all of the blogger Style Collective before the show, just for fun and to show us their stuff!

I haven't bought Lucky Brand since high school, and I wasn't really aware of their current line and branding. When I checked out their website before my styling session I was immediately overwhelmed by all the denim choices! But, Carrie and Paige from the NY and LA offices, respectively, did a great job talking to me about my denim preferences and helping me pick the best ones for me!!

Now, what does this blog have to do with jeans? Well. For one: there are some things I don't DIY. Jeans are definitely one of them. It's not worth my time and the cost of the specialized materials for me to make my own, when there are so many varieties out there already. But, I haven't had great jeans in a while, and I usually wear something simple from Old Navy or Gap or something, often purchased at Goodwill so they may not be the perfect fit and size.

So I am very happy that at my Lucky Brand styling session I  basically discovered the most flattering skinny jeans ever for my shape. Woohoo!! It only took trying on a few pairs to realize these ones are really great for me! The Sofias are cut a little higher in the butt so you don't have that gapping/"whale tail" problem, and are a little lower in front but still not their lowest cut.

And even better, seriously, they're made in the USA entirely of American-made materials. How cool is that?! "Made for you in the U.S. Of A. with fabric from Cone Denim's renowned White Oak Mill, our American-made denim collection was designed with exclusive patriotic details."

YES. I love it. Thank you!!

This brings me to the second way this fabulous styling session connects to my blog: if I'm going to buy new clothes, rather than DIY or thrift, I want them to be from a good source. Since reading Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Kline, I've been really thinking about where I get my clothes and the serious problem my generation has with excessive consumption. We are surrounded by $20 Forever 21 low-quality stuff, and we get used to practically disposable clothing that changes every season. I highly recommend the book, and the interview she did on Fresh Air.

My IG. From my dressing room!

Not all of their jeans are made in the US, but quite a few choices are. And they're at a really incredible price point for that quality and source, as well. So I'm pretty excited about Lucky Brand jeans now. I will definitely check back with them next time I need jeans!

Once we picked out jeans the ladies styled me up in other cute things from their fall line. See??

I also got the coolest belt I have ever owned. Also the first piece of camo anything I've ever worn... I've always turned up my nose at camo but this one went with the outfit better than the leopard print one they had, and I actually really liked it because it's printed onto cowhide just like the leopard was. So cute!!

In fact, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually really want their camo jeans for fall. Who knew I could want camo jeans?!

I'm so grateful to Carrie and Paige for their time and help, and to Lucky Brand for supporting us Portland style bloggers!


  1. YAY for camo!!! & those skinny jeans look curve-friendly, so they might be worth a try. My biggest problem is tightness in the calf..

  2. That would have been heaps of fun.



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