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How to Wear DIY: White after Labor Day, with plaid?

I mixed it up last weekend. I thought I'd get another wearing out of this lovely white dress I made (and then lengthened--good thing). But it's been crazy rainy lately and not white cotton dress weather (I wonder if the "no white after Labor Day" rule could be applied to dresses as well as shoes?).

So I got creative and layered it with a plaid button-up. Little bit o' fall mixed in with the late summer look.

I wore it with these wedges I painted and loooove. Just dug them out of the out of season clothing closet, so another way it felt like fall!
Shirt: Old Navy via Goodwill (similar). Necklace: Target. Belt: Target via Goodwill.
Wedges: DIY (painted), here. Dress: DIY, here.

So, too creative? ;)


  1. Good mix of white with plaid. I wore white pants with a plaid shirt to my first big blogging conference on the weekend. My mom's reaction was, "I don't know about those white pants. It's after Labour Day." #breakalltherules

  2. Nice! It feels fresh and interesting!

  3. It's a good look I think! Casual but chic :-) I'm in Scotland so we don't have any rules about when to wear white in the year, though I like the idea as it marks the passing seasons. As a rule I don't tend to wear much white, between a bouncy dog and a general clumsiness, it's a recipe for disaster!



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