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Classic colors and a new Kate Spade-inspired dress

I've loved Kate Spade since I was in high school. Her bold colors and stripes and the tiny black ribbon label on her structured purses... always so chic!

I still love looking at Kate Spade dresses and tops (and now Kate Spade Saturday, for a slightly edgier look). Every season they have great colors that all go so well together. I love the navy/hot pink/turquoise/gold! Some faves...

And I love the color block!

Those cuties, and of course fave dresses from J.Crew and ModCloth (other places I look for style inspiration when designing!), inspired me to combine a small piece of red cotton sateen (left over from this strapless sweetheart dress) with some navy cotton twill (I used it last year to make another Kate Spade-inspired dress, the one with the big ruffle at the bottom).

The great thing about color block and two-fer dresses is that you can use small pieces and leftovers and still come up with a cute, even dressy dress. I used a fave darted bodice pattern and basic pleated skirt and created this preppy dress!

You probably know how much I love this pattern. I even created a label for it. Simplicity 2444. A classic!

The bodice lining is actually hot pink. It was what I had around, and it was fun to see while sewing! So I also tried it with a neon pink belt for fun.

I think I can wear it to work or parties!


  1. Oh so fun! I too am a fan of Kate Spade. Love the pink belt with it as well. It's so nice to continue to see bright colors even as the winter season approaches...

  2. I really like this one, and I think the hot pink belt is really cute with it!

  3. a) love the new layout. b) love the pop of neon

  4. So cute! So wearable. Love it!

  5. Pink belt is the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you SO much for this post, I'm entering a new adventure of sewing formal dresses with lining for my girls and the instructions that came with the pattern left a lot to be desired. With your instructions I can now picture in my head exactly what to do!

  7. I added pleats to the outer fabric--oops, forgot to mention that in the post!

  8. I sewed a dress I've sewn before and lined it this time- but now it is too tight? What did I do wrong? Are you supposed to lessen your seam allowances? and would you lessen them on both the dress and the lining? I'm confused!

  9. I have a question about linings that you may be able to help with. I have a thin cotton material that is black with large white skulls on, it is pretty see through when held up to the light so I'd obviously like to line it when I make a dress from it. My problem is what colour of lining do I use? If I were to use black it would make the skulls off colour but white may show through the black. Any advice would be appreciated.



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