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Valentines, and How to Wear DIY: Perfect hot pink!

It's almost Valentine's Day! I guess I'm more excited about the build-up to Valentine's Day than the holiday itself; I'm not "a Valentine's Day person," as some people say... but, I love the wave of creativity that comes over so many of us in the face of a creatively interesting holiday like one involving pink, red, and hearts. So I've really enjoyed seeing some cute Valentine's-ey DIYs lately!

Just pinned this collection of ideas from Apartment Therapy.

That said, um, I don't have any plans to DO any holiday projects, really... (except for this super easy trick we did at a girls' night Valentine's Day party we had this weekend!), and I don't have any big plans for celebrating. Probably just go out to dinner or make a special dinner at home with the husband, which will be nice!, but nothing super holiday crazy.

I do like to dress festively, but I don't have much red or hot pink. But when going out to dinner over the weekend, to get into the February mood, I pulled out my brightest, Valentine's-ey-est, cheeriest, most festive piece of clothing: the vintage skirt I made over into a cute a-line. Perfect for the Valentine's season!

Shirt: Marshall's. Sweater: Gap/Goodwill. Shoes: JC Penney.
Skirt: DIY, from a vintage one!

HOT pink!! Super cool fabric, too, it's a wool knit. I felt very bold in the pink/black/white combo!

What are you doing to celebrate this cute and potentially craft-inspiring holiday? Any great easy projects or festive outfits? ;)


  1. Anonymous2/13/2013

    I like your valentine's day outfit. It suits you well!

  2. For some reason, my Valentine's Day dress is going to be blue! It just happens to be the prettiest dress I cut fabric for. Hopefully I can finish my cape instead which would be a cute pink houndstooth, and would be perfect! I'll share if I do finish.

  3. Cute, I love it with that sweater!

  4. Anonymous2/13/2013

    I'm usually not a fan of mixing pink and black but you do it well!

  5. Those outfits look great on you. :)

    As for our celebrations we'll probably get little caesars or something.

  6. Anonymous2/13/2013

    Oh I'm love with your sweater!

  7. Your skirt is so cute! I would love to wear more skirts! Tomorrow I'll be wearing ski pants & a huge jacket... romantic sounding, huh?!

  8. Great skirt! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Love the colour combo! The hot pink really pops with black and white.

  10. That skirt with the sweater over it is super cute! It's the perfect pop of color in a white and black outfit.

  11. Happy Valentines Day !



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