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Super quick update to last year's fave shoes

I loved a pair of Target wedges last year (or are they two years old? I guess a year and a half...) and they're super comfortable and easy to wear. You saw them with full-legged pants, a flippy skirt dress, and then with the peplum top I made out of that dress. So I really enjoyed them last year, but wanted something new this year. I've seen a lot of similar shapes in bootie form this year, some really cheap ones from Forever 21 online, and here and there... some in tan, brown, or black. I like the sleek (rather than chunky) wedge for a little dressier look, and the toe is a nice shape.

But, rather than buy something new... I figured, I wore my similar pumps enough last year! Why not make them into something new?! (I've been reading a very recent book about the garment industry and "fast fashion" culture we've gotten used to. Sometimes cheap stuff is not awesome. Really making me want to buy and own less cheap clothing!--more than I already did. I love when DIYing makes it easier to make your own than to buy!)

So I took my old faves, stuffed them with newspaper, and gave them a good coat of matte spray paint. The $1 kind Home Depot makes in black and white, matte and shiny. WOW, how easy was that?!

I don't love black, and I suppose ideally would have had a medium tan color, but they don't make spray paint in fake leather tan color. ;) But the matte black is nice, different than a showy, shiny black pump. They already made an appearance in a How to Wear DIY outfit I'll be sharing as soon as I get the rest of the pics edited...

Ta-da! I know it's so simple it's almost obvious... but, take it from me, you CAN spray paint your shoes (within reason--I've tried and failed before with patent!) and you CAN update last year's style without spending money or filling the landfill with more Forever 21 crap than absolutely necessary. ;)


  1. hehe, I do this all the time. There's no faster way to get new pretty shoes ;)

  2. They look great! Have you had success with painting fabric shoes? I have a pair of wedge/espadrille sandals I'd like to update.

    Also, many charity organizations will recycle ripped or stained clothes that have been donated to them. We have a local charity that sends the clothes they can't sell to a company in Baltimore that makes rags from them.

    1. Thanks I have dyed fabric shoes before http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2012/06/dye-crazy-shoooes-and-tee.html, but I imagine spray paint would work okay... it'll cling to the tiny fuzzy bits on the fabric so up close might not look very smooth. They do make fabric spray paint, though, that works on colored fabric and velvet!!

  3. I'm scared to try it still, but I think I need to face my fears because your shoes end up looking super professional! Now, to find my first victims, I mean pair of shoes, to paint!

  4. I get excited anytime another blogger admits to learning about the problems with the garment industry and considers pursuing more ethical options. I run a fair trade fashion blog, so it's something I think about all the time. If you ever have a DIY like this you'd like to guest post about, please let me know at leahcwise@gmail.com. - Leah, wisestyle.wordpress.com

  5. Great idea - never thought of that. Just wear them until they fall apart and buy new ones when they get too boring. Have to try this!

  6. This update is adorable! I love the "new" shoes!

  7. This is great! I've read that you can remove the shiny-ness of patent leather by using nail polish remover or sanding it, THEN paint....I haven't tried it but thought you might like to know!

  8. Great idea! I love spray paint for home projects but I always forget how well it works for shoes and other clothes too. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Those look great! What a wonderful idea!



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