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A pretty winter holiday! Pics from last weekend...

Fun pics to share today! As you may have gathered if you've been watching my Twitter or Instagram lately... last weekend husband and I had a little weekend getaway to the coast--yes, it's January and freeeezing, but we called it a "reading vacation" and figured we needed the time away even if we spent plenty of it inside!

We have a new favorite place to stay for this kind of trip, where we went last June. Found it through a Groupon, but it's a super cool eco-friendly, modern, simple, relaxing place. The Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, in super southwestern Washington, just north of Oregon. We've been needing some down time, and figured a quick trip away with lots of good books to read would be perfect!

I took Friday afternoon off. We got so lucky with the weather, clear and sunny! But cold. On the way up we drove through Astoria, Oregon, and visited the house where The Goonies was filmed. Never been there and always figured we should.

Then we got to our hotel in Long Beach, right on the beach by this nice, remote little boardwalk thing.

We had dinner at the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, then settled into our room and played gin, and got a bottle of wine from the little organic/local market in the lobby.

Saturday morning we did the same thing we did last time we stayed at Adrift--cozied up in the lobby enjoying the indie Pandora mix and organic coffee... while reading for a solid chunk of time!

Seriously so happy in this moment. Calm music, beeeeeautiful view out the window, the whole weekend ahead of us, and time to read!

I finished The Happiness Project. Gol, I love that book.

After a very relaxed day, we strolled along the beach around sunset. It was super cold but so beautiful and clear.

Oh, those warm beachy, grassy colors just kill me. All weekend I was exclaiming, wow, look at these colors!!!

Sunday after breakfast, more reading, and lunch at a restaurant we also went to last time!, we drove back into Oregon again and stopped by Cannon Beach, which is such a cute little town. Fun pedestrian layout, little coffee shops, all that. More gorgeous sunshine so we had a great walk on the beach.

Very sunny but cold!!

On the drive back we passed a lot of snow, heading over the mountains and through the farmland on our way back to Portland. We stopped at a farm in Yamhill to pick up a farm share and everything had an eerie purple-ey grey tint with the layer of snow.

It was a very peaceful weekend, which we definitely needed after the busy holidays!

And now I have a three-day weekend, so hope to keep the relaxed atmosphere going and chill out a little--but also have some projects I'd love to get done! Ah, that's always the dilemma, isn't it??

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. We love going to Long Beach! My in-laws have a house down there and we go as often as we can, it's a trek from North Seattle though. Glad you guys had fun! Also if you are beer drinkers you should check out the Rogue Tap House in Astoria next time, good food and great beers.

    1. Awesome, and thanks for the recommendation! I've passed that place before, will have to check it out!

  2. It looks so fun and relaxing! I have lived in PDX my entire life and have never been to Long Beach or Astoria. Isn't that crazy!? Now I officially want to go on a visit.

  3. Wow, this place looks amazing! Wish I lived in the US so I could pop there for a long weekend myself!

  4. What a cool lobby! And seriously cute pictures of the two of you together. Whenever my guy and I take a picture of us together, it's always way off center, someone's face is cut off, or one (or both) of us is blinking!

  5. What a fantastic trip to the beach! I feel like it is rare to have such perfect weather the whole time - lucky ducks!

  6. So awesome! I used to love the Goonies when I was a kid lol ~ I think I'll watch it while I sew today. You guys are so adorable together :)

  7. oh my gosh......we need to go northwest!!! thanks for sharing your weekend...beautiful pics

  8. Aw it looks like a fun time, and you guys look so in love! I'm glad you were able to relax and, I'm sure, reconnect. :)


  9. Looks on so cold. I. Do. Not. Like. Cold. From a gal in sunny North Queensland, Australia. It's summer here and I'm sitting in front of the air conditioner after a sunset swim. Your photos look lovely though. I would treasure a weekend to read by a fire! Can someone please tell me what a farm share is?

  10. I just bought this living social for Jeff and I to use in February! love it and I can't wait to check it out myself. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Omg you stayed here! This place is on living social (think it ends today) $119 for two nights, killer deal. I am so glad you did a post on this hotel. Don't you LOVE long beach, it's one of my happy places and now living in portland closer then ever.

  12. Wow, did you use a filter on these pics or was the lighting just that perfect? So pretty.



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