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In love with my DIY colorblock tray project

So, I had a fabulous and productive weekend, but am now ready for some recovery time from it... ;) not how that's supposed to work. Break from the weekend? I must be doing something wrong. Husband was gone Thursday through Tuesday working in California, so I had the whole house to myself and did a million zillion house projects, running around like crazy and having a great time!! I put up shelves, I moved pictures around, I cleaned, I organized, I ran errands... I'm still catching up from all the projects and photos I took and want to share with you! Sneak peeks on my Instagram and Facebook.

I also got out on home shopping with three different friends on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the day off. Wow, lots of things for the house. It was super fun, though, and I feel great about sharing my home ideas with my friends and talking with them about their homes!!

It wasn't all sunshine and roses, though... other efforts of the weekend include five broken nails, three smallish cuts on my hands, and way too much time spent in Ikea and Target. And probably some dead brain cells from too much spray-painting in the 35 degree garage... I kept it ventilated as much as possible!! Definitely not ideal conditions.

But, the fruits of which I will share with you now! In this fun little tutorial for a colorblock decor tray I just made from an ugly old Christmas tray I got for $2 at Goodwill. I have been obsessed with trays since we got the house, funny since I seriously never had a use for them before. Now I have like six, and I love them. They are SO useful!! Anyway, here's the story...

Before and after:


Paint the sides with your outside colors, then tape them off. I used painter's tape and was just careful to lay it out as straight as possible. It worked pretty well, no complaints from the tape.

Then spray the center color on top!

Super easy! It was a major pain that it took sooooo long to dry between layers since the garage was so cold. Took several coats, too. Ah, well, it was worth it.

I put it in our upstairs guest bath, which is a megaboring room aside from the horizontal stripes I painted... I really wanted more color in there, and to complement the aqua towels, the pale pink and bright coral are perfect! And the silver goes with the print in the shower curtain!

YAY. Who doesn't love an easy way to get bright, pretty color in a room--for $2!! I already had the spray paints. My colors, I guess. Now the bathrooom is even girlier... but, tough, my husband can deal. He shaves in there sometimes, but he can handle it. ;)

Also great parts of the weekend--I got some goodies from Kollabora for projects I'll be doing in my book! And I got to take the class for/pick up my BERNINA 350, the lovely machine BERNINA is lending me for the book. This thing is amazing. I've been sewing on Flintstones-era machines all my life in comparison, it feels like. It's not that this one is a robot or anything, far from it, but it just does everything so much better, cleaner, more efficiently than my vintage machines. Anyway, can't wait to share more!!


  1. Who doesn't love a girly bathroom?

    And the nice thing is, if you ever do want to go "manlier," it sounds like it was a pretty easy project to redo!

  2. I love the tray, it looks perfect in that room!

  3. I love it! I've been obsessing with trays lately too. They just make everything look so much more put together.

  4. Oh wow this is adorable.

  5. I love it...and it seems like a DIY project I might even be able to pull off!

  6. I kind of don't mind the old ugly tray ;) I really like how you have made it work in your bathroom, the colours really stand out. I probably need to do this in our masterbath, I have so much girlie stuff laying all over the counters this would be a great way to contain it.

  7. This is lovely!! i totally love the colors in your bathroom as well! That striped wall is awesome.

  8. I love your bathroom and that tray adds the perfect touch of color!

  9. Thats what I do every time my husband is gone on business too. I just GO GO GO. Last time he was gone I painted EVERYTHING. Every single room. And door knobs.

  10. Also I love those trays!! I might need to pick up some more because this is such a cute idea

  11. The tray looks amazing!

  12. Anonymous1/23/2013

    That looks so lovely. It's crazy how just putting things on the tray rather than on the side board makes it all look so neat and purposeful! I don't think your bathroom is boring at all!

  13. 'Love that tray! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. So nice and right up my proverbial street with this upcycle... who really needs to buy new when if you get your mind in gear, you can upcycle and create beauty from pretty much anything!

    Bundana x

  15. Fabulous! I think I could do that! What type and color is the silver paint? I've heard the metallics are not all created equal...
    Thank you for your tutorials!

    1. Thanks! The silver is the Kroger/Fred Meyer brand, just basic silver... it's "HD Designs" basic spray paint that comes in a few colors and metallics. I've also had good luck with Krylon metallics!

  16. I love this! Somehow I missed this post, but I love the color combination, perfect for valentine's day! and every other day :)

  17. this is such a good idea! must find a clearance winter tray!

  18. Wow!!! Such a HUGE improvement to the original! Now I'm going to be scouting Goodwills for ugly trays like a crazy person.



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