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SO proud of my little upholstery project. Nailhead Parsons chairs makeover!

Another pretty cool house project to share with you today--a major makeover I did to these Parsons-esque chairs I got for super super cheap on Craigslist. The fake leather was all scratched up and peeling, so I saw them a great candidates for an ambitious DIY project! Upholstery!

I've never done real upholstery before, although I have big plans... some chairs that need recovering at my house!... but I had a pretty simple job of tearing the old chairs apart at the seams and using the fake leather pieces as my pattern pieces, then sewing, stretching back on, and stapling... plus this inspiration: Nailhead trim. I figured, why not make it interesting? Like these...

Source: West Elm via Suzannah on Pinterest

Source: chairs1000.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

Here's some of the interesting part, the insides...

So when I made the new covers, I duplicated it a little, althogh I didn't use piping--used nailheads instead.

Have you ever tried nailhead trim? OUCH. I used a hammer to push them all the way in, but pushed them in in the beginning with my thumb... it was tingly for a week after, and just now just barely feels normal again... yikes. But, so pretty!

I used some of the basic canvas from JoAnn in the utility fabrics section. It comes in lots of colors and is extra wide, and is easy to work with and 100% cotton (although it's pretty loosely woven). I had THE hardest time deciding on fabric for these. Pretty happy with them now, though! I gave them a coat of scotch guard, too, since they are for the dining room.


Dining chairs done, first sort-of upholstery project success!


  1. That is a beautiful job! Love it!

  2. Wow, these are great! Such an improvement and I love that you got them on a good deal and now they look so classy.

    I may have to check out my local craigslist for some chairs as I've been in need a dining room design revamp.

  3. I love the look of nailheads in furniture! The pain of pushing them in looks like it was well worth it. Beautiful job!

  4. So nicely done!! I'm quite impressed!

  5. these are gorgeous, fantastic job!

  6. I've always wanted to try upholstery, but just don't have the confidence. My cousin does a lot of it, and by alot, I mean nearly every piece of furniture in his house has been reupholstered and it looks great!

  7. Wow, these look beautiful! Great job!

  8. Lovely! I'm always so amazed at the things you can get done! I don't think anyone would even realize that those chairs weren't bought just like that from a store!

  9. The chairs look brand new :) you are so talented.

  10. They look fantastic!

  11. We badly need to redo our dining room chairs - they are hand me downs and not too pretty!

  12. Great redo, I like nailhead trims in the furniture. They are like little beads in them and I am so sorry for your thumb, girl.

  13. What happened to your old chairs ? Can I buy them ? Or, are they gone ? I still haven't sold my Craigs List table. sheesh.
    ~ C

  14. The author is proud of the little upholstery. Read to know more

  15. The author is proud of the upholstery done. Great post



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