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How to Wear DIY: Everyday sequins

How to Wear DIY today features my pretty sequin and bead collar project with an everyday wearable twist. =) The background story here is, so, if you've so much as opened a magazine or scrolled around your Pinterest home page, I'm sure you've seen lots of pretty collar ideas, particularly for this fall. My Glamour mag called them one of the top 10 must-haves for fall, I think, and that's just the beginning. They're everywhere!

Embellished and fancy collars, and just interestingly shaped collars, of all kinds, but I prefer the sweet Peter Pan shape over the super pointy, metal-tipped, or men's shirt collar with beads look. And there are lots of tutorials out there for DIY sequin collars and DIY collar necklaces, but I haven't been convinced that I'd ever be able to wear them in real life. I can't imagine how they would stay flat with the shirt, for one thing.

So, I put together a tutorial for my ideal embellished collar, featured on Kollabora in the Alt Summit contest--as I mentioned here, I'm entered in the sewing category to win tickets and a chance to present the tutorial at Alt Summit! which would be amaaaaaazing, so please do me a favor and "save" the project to your Kollabora favorites or re-pin the image of it, with the caption "Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge"--thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Anyway, here's some of my inspirations behind the project, and then, the collar in action!

Pretty, eh?? Of course, the challenge for me is, I don't dress all luxe and stylista and satin and big jewelry all the time, so... I wanted to make my pretty embellished collar work for daytime, and for an everyday look. Taking a page from J.Crew, with their cute preppy Peter Pan collar tee, I took my most basic grey long-sleeve tee and pinned in my pretty beaded collar. Oh, and my DIY boyfriend jeans to add to the casual look!

P.S. I got bangs!
Vest: Old Navy. Jeans: Sevens with mending and DIY straight legs
Shoes: Bass, from Ross. Watch: Husband's, Fossil. Tee: Gap. Collar: DIY!

Please re-pin the tutorial if you like it! Thanks!! =)


  1. while reading this post my 5 yr old daughter came in the room and said "thats the prettiest girl ever! i just love her smile!"
    i have been liking the detachable collar look but i didnt think i could pull it off til now, i'm gonna try out your tutorial!

  2. I love the bangs!

    I love sequins.


    I cannot wait to do this.

  3. I love your bangs!!! And the collar too ;)

  4. Oh my goodness!!! BANGS!

    You are just TOO cute! Love the bangs. And, while I am not a big fan of collars (it makes my double chin look even heavier) you look great in it!

  5. Anonymous11/08/2012

    You got bangs! They look fantastic! And so does the collar of course. Good luck with winning the contest! That would be amazing if you could go to ALT summit!

  6. Awww... Your bangs look super cute!!!! I also love the collar. It definitely dresses up an outfit that would be pretty plain without it.

  7. Your bangs are amazing! I didn't think you could look any cooler, but you do!

  8. Love your hair! Thank you for showing this outfit. I could actually do that. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Susan M11/09/2012

    You look very Zooey Deshanel (sp?) with the bangs. I just disovered your blog last week and have already made a bunch of your stuff. This collar is definitely next!

  10. Anonymous11/09/2012

    there is no close up of the collar.

  11. I'm in LOVE with everything about this post. I LOVE your bangs. (i've been dying to cut mine back now but I keep talking myself out of it...) I LOVE these collars! I decided a while back that i needed more fun collared shirts to wear to work under sweaters... maybe now i just need to make collars instead of buying shirts! Love your blog, great job.

  12. Thank you thank you, glad you all like the banks! ;)

  13. I LOVE the bangs.



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