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Jewelry storage problem, and partial DIY solution...

Simple DIY to share with you today... since we moved into the new house I've found I need new solutions for a lot of simple dilemmas I had worked out before, like how to store jewelry, scarves, cutting boards, um, paper towels... all kinds of normal stuff! So our new bedroom setup is a little different than at our old places, and I didn't have the perfect jewelry storage place. I don't want to clutter up the bathroom counter, or my dresser, with the mix of boxes and skirt hanger for big necklaces I had on a hook before... well, that one was always messy, but now that I like the rest of our room, I care more.

Anyway, I wanted to transition away from the bulky jewelry box, and get some pretty dishes or little rack for small jewelry. I still want to work up some hook situation for the big, chunky necklaces, but for small ones and earrings, I needed something smaller. DIY coming up, right!? So here are some of my inspiration images for the perfect pretty jewelry storage...
Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Suzannah on Pinterest
Source: thedoctorscloset.com via Suzannah on Pinterest
Source: designsponge.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

And I really kept my eye out for some cool jewelry stands or dishes. I bought a pretty branch-ey rack at Ross but it didn't store much and was annoying, so I returned it. :/ But then, I found these at Goodwill. (the Before...)

The silver was not my style. So, I spray-painted, and...

Necklace, ring, watch, bracelet, and dangly earring storage! Perf. Now I just need the perfect little teacups or something for the stud earrings, and I'm set. Still not sure if these will live in the bedroom or bathroom, but at least they go with the decor in both. ;)

Do you have the perfect jewelry storage solution?? I'd love to see pics of it in action on your blog or Instagram, or pins of your inspiration!


  1. I have two DIY solutions for jewelry storage. Both are hung on my walls to save room on my dresser. Necklace Box - http://www.proud-as-punch.com/2011/07/necklace-box.html. Earring Frame DIY - http://www.proud-as-punch.com/2011/01/this-past-christmas-i-tried-to-make.html.

    1. Those are awesome! Love how organized the necklaces are on those hooks!

  2. awespme!!! That is exactly why my shop slogan is "taking jewelry outside the box" Jewelry boxes do work, but the earrings and necklaces in a collection are so unique and fun to look at, it only makes sense to have them double as art!!

  3. Anonymous11/21/2012

    Brilliant! My jewellery box is ridiculously over stuffed, I'll give this a try... I'd like to try and make something though, could be an interesting project to work on next!

  4. Love it! I love when people like you are good at showing people like me what to do with their things. I am not as talented at decorating, but I love fun ideas like this! I'm pinning this as I write!

  5. I once made my friends earring holders for Christmas with old picture frames and some screen behind it then hung them with ribbon. They were super cute - I don't know why I didn't make one for myself!

  6. wow..loved this diy!!gr8 post!!
    The Sweet Life

  7. Anonymous11/26/2012

    Great find - I keep all my jewellery in baskets in a drawer, but this is gorgeous! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  8. i've been looking for some jewelry storage also. i found a cute dish for rings at pier one. and i regret not grabbing one i saw at earthbound a couple weeks ago! lol that's what i get for being so cheap!!

  9. i have been searching for a jewelry storage system for a long time. post more people's ideas if you get some, please!



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