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Weekend How to Wear DIY: The remade peplum top, with an edge

Had a great weekend last weekend, and have a great How to Wear DIY to share with you! First... so, I remade that dress into a peplum top recently, and wow, do I like it better as a shirt. Wore it with my totally hardcore *not* fake leather jacket, cuffed jeans and wedges... can only get away with this look for a little longer before it's too cold! Or rainy. Wore it for the five seconds of dry weather before the downpour began and has continued...
 Jacket: Ross (similar/similar/similar). Jeans: Levi's. Shoes: Target via Goodwill (similar).

Also last weekend--we went to the Portland Bloggers November event, an SEO workshop with an SEO specialist from this super cool local web marketing company who tailored his presentation toward bloggers. The twenty or so of us at the event are used to writing our blogs, keeping up on social media, doing our best with design, etc., but none of us knew much about search engine optimization! So we all learned a lot. My husband even had a good time. and, as always, Jenni of A Well-Crafted Party did a great job with decor and swag! Here's my Instagram of my husband's Portland Blogger pride. ;)

So, great weekend and now, only a couple more days till the big Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. You are so cute! I know about the rain, here in Seattle it is dry at the moment, but it should be pouring in a few hours. Stay afloat in Portland, and switch to rain boots :)

  2. Love it! Especially with that adorable jacket!!

  3. I really love this! Such a seamless mix of influences from different fashion eras. One of my fav Suzannah numbers yet!

  4. I love that shot of Jason with his Portland Bloggers mug! Such a dapper gentlemen :)

  5. I switch to leather cowboy boots in the winter -my feet stay dry and toasty, and still cute.

  6. Aaw, thanks, everyone! Yep, it is definitely boot season now. Plenty of rain and cold to come!



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