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Nice to Meet You: Favorite tools

As part of the "It's Nice to Meet You!" series some of us Alt class bloggers have put together, today's question for all of you! is, what are your favorite TOOLS??

In the past we've talked about what you like to do at home and your favorites of the things you've made. So much fun to see everyone's posts and lists!! This time, we're each sharing 6 of our favorite tools for whatever our crafts or skills are.

And so can you! What are the top 6 of the tools you use? It's so hard for me to pick only 6!! I think I'd have to say, for sewing...

1. Sharp, tiny scissors. You never know when you’ll need a pair of these—to open up a seam, to snip off a button, to clip a seam allowance. The precision you can get with a tiny pair of snips is essential for clipping without hacking and chopping too far or too much. I like thread snips with pointed ends (like these classics) so that you can use one side to go under a stitch if you need to, or if you don’t have a seam ripper. Snips with rounded edges will also work. Nothing worse than trying to snip your threads and leaving them attached and pulling out with the scissors!

2. Fabric scissors. For cutting more than a few inches of fabric, particularly lightweight or finer fabric, you need sharp, large scissors that cut cleanly and don’t pull or snag your fabric. Get a good pair of strong sewing scissors, and don’t ever use them for paper or anything else--it will make them duller and harder to cut fabric. My mom and I both swear by these spring-loaded Fiskars.

3. Fabric pen. A disappearing ink fabric pen, or a piece of tailor’s chalk for dark fabric, is extremely helpful for marking where on a garment you need to make changes. I use them when pins might fall out, such as on very lightweight or stretchy fabric, and when marking where buttons or buttonholes go.

4. Iron. It's amazing how properly pressing a project can make all the difference--really can tell the difference between professional and homemade, not-so-thorough sewing based on how well each seam is pressed before being sewn together. I also rely on my spray bottle for water when pressing, for those really tricky wrinkles or heavy fabric. The cheaper irons don't get as hot, so don't press as effectively especially without steam or water. I had a crappy $10 iron for a few years until it broke, and then did a bunch of research and bought this one and am in love!!!!

5. Sewing machine. Of course I need one of these! I don't have the patience for quality hand-sewing for whole garments, and have been using a machine since I was a little kid. I have a vintage Viking Husqvarna but for most sewing, you don't need a super high end or sturdy machine. My friend just bought this one for a great price on Amazon and is really happy with it.

6. Pin cushion. I love the magnetic pin cushion/pin caddy system I have—you don’t have to put your pins back with absolute precision, since the magnet will grab them if they’re close, and they don’t fall off or spill if you knock it over. Which I often do.

Here's a fave sewing room organization inspiration of mine... in fact, I just bought those clear pegboards in a kit from Amazon--they are incredible!! So cool! I can't wait till mine are as organized as these!

Source: spoolandspoonblog.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

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  1. ooh, I love this! I think I'll participate over on my Motormouth Studios site! It's so fun to find new blogs to follow!

  2. I love great tools, thanks for sharing that peg board it is a must have, make me want to get one for my sewing area. I tend to prefer having stuff tucked away, but it is definitely great to be able to grab it when you need it, without searching around in a drawer to find it.

  3. What an interesting question. I quickly wrote a post and am suprised at what made the list as well as what didn't! Thank you for hosting! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. It's Sunday, but the 28th, so I guess linking closed a day early? I was going to add mine: http://www.sweetseamstress.com/six-favorite-crafting-tools/

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