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House projects--recent easy home dec sewing projects

We've been doing a lot of projects for the new house, and of course that includes some sewing!! You may have noticed some of these pieces in other house-related posts, but here are the juicy details. ;)

Living room curtains. It's so hard to decide on colors and styles for curtains in a room with no predetermined color... and before I painted the painting above the couch, this room pretty much only had grey, white, and gold in it! But you've gotta start somewhere, and early on during one of my extensive JoAnn clearance rack trips (when they give an extra 50% off!) I picked up this pretty shell pink poly crepe, very drapey and pretty, and bought what was left of the bolt--7 yards, about. Which was exactly what I needed for my living room curtains, which are about 108 long since we wanted the curtain rod at the ceiling and nice and wide. I thought about putting these elsewhere or making... something else... out of them, but really, what better use for 7 yards of fabric?!

I also bought 7 yards of curtain lining, the Roc-lon® stuff in 100% cotton and white. It was a pain to cut these out and pin them together, had to use the whole living room hallway floor!

OMG, windows are hard to take pictures of. Here they are with the icky overhead light at night, but at least they're not backlit. Here you can see them a little better. For now they're attached with curtain clips, but I'd like to switch to something more formal (sewn-in rings?) sometime.

Now the big question is what to put over the dining room sliding glass door, which is opposite this window across the whole first floor. If they were neutrals, I'd say I should do matching on both, but since they're pink... I won't ask my husband if we can do MORE pink curtains! ;)

Striped pillows. More living room sewing. I've planned to make black and white striped pillows out of the leftover Premier Prints fabric from this jacket project. Didn't have a whole ton left, but all you need is a little pattern, right? So I made them for these small pillows. Currently they're sitting on these still-to-be-recovered side chairs...

...but I think they're pretty versatile. I also tried them on the couch under my DIY ikat-ey zigzag canvas, to pick up on the black. I also tried them on our bed once! I do love black and white stripes. The funny thing is, when I made them I thought it would be cool to have them be the reverse of each other, like one black-white and the other white-black, but now I think it looks weird. Oh, well, haha!

Pink patterned pillows. Speaking of the master bedroom... I showed you the DIY tufted headboard in the tutorial, but here's the latest on the pillows. The fabric for these was also at JoAnn on half-off the clearance, so a great price, and I looove the classic fabric pattern, can't remember the name of what it's knocking off right now.

The bedroom is still far from done, but the pillows help give me a little direction. Now we seriously need a nice throw at the foot of the bed, and maybe a repeat of the color or preppiness of the pattern somewhere... and of course, maybe some art above the bed! Aack! I haven't done much in the bedroom yet! Any great decor ideas, feel free to share!

So that's a few of the sewing projects I've done for the house so far. Plenty more to share, and more to do!


  1. The curtain posts are so timely! I like the curtain rings-- they look so good with the pink. If you want to get rid of the rings, I am momma, hear me roar just did a curtain series where they talked about pole loop curtains.


    They do end up looking very formal.

    1. I love pole loop curtains! Didn't know that's what they were called. I turned some cased Ikea curtains into pole loop curtains by clipping the back casing (tough tape material, not fabric)... they look sleek!

  2. Anonymous10/29/2012

    I prefer the simple fold top over, sew, stick rod through curtain. Rings to me remind me too much of shower curtains and seem less formal. You could of course, add pleats like Palak mentioned above.

    1. Totally, the rings do look like shower curtains... and it bugs me if they don't match the rod!

  3. Beautiful!!! The pillows are lovely and the curtains are woderful!! You did a great job!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  4. Love those stripped pillows & that patterned pink one! They are beautiful.

  5. Oooh, I love those pink patterned pillows!!! I need to make curtains too, but can't commit to what color to use. hmmm....

  6. the pink pillows have a great pattern! I am looking at patterned fabric right now - I have a good idea of what I want my curtains and pillows to be, but I keep finding OTHER fun things too... good thing I have several rooms to decorate!

    I love the striped pillows too!

  7. great ideas! I love the pink. I'm going to have to ask my fiance how much pink he can handle when we find a new place :) and I can't wait to make our own headboard!

  8. The soft pink curtains are giving so serene and calm look. Love the round grey pillow.

  9. 'Love the soft pink curtains! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures



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