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How to Wear DIY: A loooong vest...

Finally another How to Wear DIY to share with you. It's been a busy few weeks... haven't had a lot of time for outfit photos! But I'm glad I got a chance to snap some photos of this outfit--featuring this long vest that I made last winter and was a little puzzled on how to combine with other pieces.

My style is always changing, of course... and something just clicked this fall that inspired me to wear this vest in a cool new way. I'm really liking the loose top look, like with wedges and skinnies, has a very cool Lauren Conrad-esque feel to it... this silhouette:


So I was thinking that shape would look good with the long vest over it! Like it does with these blazers...

I have a hard time with the super loose-on-top look--I worry it makes me look out of proportion, or too flat-chested, or too round... but I think I just needed to find the right pieces to wear with! And, judging by the images above... looks like all you need to pill it off is interesting skinny jeans, great heels or wedges, and a bold accessory around the neck!

Well, this outfit has two of the three. Here's the vest!
Blouse: Lux (Urban Outfitters) via Goodwill. Jeans: Mystery brand, via Goodwill (similar/similar).
Shoes: Mystery brand, via Goodwill (similar). Watch: Forever 21. Earrings: ?? Vest: DIY!

I've also been digging my black skinny jeans--after not having worn black in about three years, I'm finally accepting it as a possible trendy option... but still not too edgy. The other cool thing about this outfit? I wore it to work on Friday with black flats, then changed to the wedges for date night! Easily dressed up/down.

Do you have any other tips for wearing blousy things on top?? I love the fresh look but am still getting used to it!


  1. Oooh! I love your outfit! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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  3. The outfit is super cute! By the way, your hair looks great in the pictures! (especially the last one).

  4. Super cute! Love when you find a new way to wear an old piece. Looks great!

    Allie of meadow-rue.com

  5. Love this look on you! Super cute. I just bought my first pair of black jeans. I have always associated black jeans with my mom trying to look trendy and slim. (Hmmm... maybe I'm now that age?) Anyways, you look great lady!

  6. The blousy top look with skinny jeans (or mini skirt/short shorts) is a very popular look in Korea right now. You might look up some stuff about their fashion to get some ideas on how to wear it.

    They tend to do longer tops, tunics, and these incredible billowy chiffon cape-like things (hard to describe). They'll wear amazingly colorful sneakers, these oxford ankle type booties (with cute socks!), or heels with the skinny jeans.

    They like showing off the shoulders by having cut outs in the arms where the shoulders peek out. Another thing with them is their tunics/dresses are very 30s/40s inspired right now. The collars and necklines have the kinds of details you often see in vintage clothing.

    To balance out the skinny jeans (or mini skirts/super short shorts) the top will be much more modest in the neckline but still incredibly feminine. It's a very unique look, and they always look fantastic in it. Korean people are some of the best dressed people in the world, no joke. It's kind of intimidating being in the subway wearing normal American clothes like a t-shirt and jeans and you feel significantly underdressed for the occassion.

  7. This look is very adventurous to me! I'm not sure why! Your Goodwill finds are phenom!

  8. Awesum look...gr8 ensemnle hun!!
    The Sweet Life

  9. Super cute! I'm loving all the colored jeans this season. May have to jump on that bandwagon soon.



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