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Birthday party, birthday dress!

Birthday recap!! My 25th birthday was Saturday--pretty big deal, pretty exciting! And I feel so lucky that my husband and sweet Jenni thew me a fantabulous party, complete with pink and silver sequins, Suzannah-themed party games, and signature drinks. ;) And, as all of Jenni's best parties do, we had our own hashtag. #suzannahs25th on Twitter and Instagram! 

So I'm excited to share pics of Jenni's work and the good times had by all, although most of what I have on my camera is from the "photo booth" so you'll see lots of the balloons! Which now fill my basement bonus room. Hm.

And, I also made myself a new dress for the party, which I didn't have time to take pics of and share here before I wore it, so... consider this a project post and a How to Wear DIY post. And a party round-up!

Quick story on the dress--I wanted a bright color and found this pretty cornflower blue rayon on the clearance shelves, half off last weekend. I used Butterick B5319 for the bodice but extended the crossover pieces and made the whole thing longer, so instead of a midriff panel I just gave it a small waistband. And I added some length and gathers in the armhole over the bust. I was thinking about some of J.Crew's bright, pretty party dresses. Of course most of the photos I have of it are from the photo booth, test shots!! So they're kinda blurry and I am showing off some of my weirdest accidental faces.

Okay, now that that's done with... party pics!!

The smallest guest at the party was Jenni's one year old. He lightens the mood and is a great party guest! Thanks, Jenni and family!

Aren't I lucky to have a good friend who is also a party stylist/designer??! And a blogger! THANK YOU so much to Jenni, and my husband, and her husband, and all my friends who came!! And hoorah for birthdays.

Now back to a normal week. That's pretty cool, too! Hoping to balance life stuff and new house stuff and find some quiet time this week. Have a good one!


  1. That dress is so perfect on you. I normally don't go for wrap necklines like that, but this is gorgeous!

  2. Great dress, and happy belated birthday :]

  3. Happy Birthday Suzannah! Love, love, love your dress!

  4. Happy, happy 25th birthday! I was very excited to turn 50 in July! Yay!

  5. Happy birthday babe! Our birthdays are about a week apart! I turned 25 the other week too!

  6. 25 was my favorite age! I wish I could be 25 forever! Happy Birthday Suzannah, I hope this year is just as awesome as your last one! - Bethany

  7. Happy Birthday. You look absolutely dreamy in your new dress. Have the best year ever.

  8. Great dress! It's a nice color on you, and perfect fit (I come to expect nothing less from you:) Happy Birthday!

  9. You look just fabulous!
    I enjoy your blog so very much!!
    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!
    May the celebration continue all year through!!

  10. Happy birthday Suzannah!I like your dress!Your elegant and beautiful!

  11. Happy Birthday! 'Love the blue dress! -Marci

  12. Thank you all so much, ladies!!!! Love the support and birthday wishes! I am excited to be 25!

  13. What a great dress! The party looks amazing! Happy belated birthday.



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