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Preview of a series you'll want to read! Inspired by Alt class...

Today's preview day on several great blogs of a series a bunch of us are starting, inspired by the collaboration and community we learned about fostering in an Altitude Design Summit (Alt) class we all took last month. I love the virtual community of bloggers and blog readers as well as the community of people I get to meet at Portland Bloggers events, but the virtual community is obviously very important, too! So I'm excited to be a part of this group and trying new things with this shared link-up. We're calling ourselves the "Nice to Meet You" group--clear and to the point!

I don't normally do a lot of link-up parties or group blogging events (aside from the occasional great refashion challenge!) but I like how this one lets us all get to know each other and our readers better. Here's the details:

WHEN: The first "Nice to Meet You" link-up will be Friday, August 10. We'll do these every two weeks.

QUESTION: This week's question is "What do you like to do at home??"

RULES: You can join in the party, too! Every challenge, you can post at least six pictures or list six things that answer the question. Post them on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest board, or leave them in the comments--wherever you want. To participate, follow at least four of the hostesses, listed here:

Jeanette @ Artchoo
Lauren @ Elleby Design
Sentrell @ Suite Seven

(Use the tool of your choice to follow them).

More info about the bloggers in the group? Here we are by category! Pick at least your top four!

Each challenge we'll all be posting answers to the question on our blogs, and I look forward to seeing your responses, too! On Friday the 10th, the first day we're doing the link-up, you'll be able to enter a URL to wherever you answered the question.

Feel free to explain your pictures, or let them speak for themselves. You can use photos you took, or web shots if you give proper photo credit, of course. If you're blogging about the six photos, include the button and a link to the link up.

AWARD: There's an award for one reader from each of our blogs--we will each select one reader who will win the It Was Nice To Meet You Badge, which you can display proudly. =)

More details Friday, and you'll get to read all the bloggers' responses to this week's question about what we like to do at home.

I'm having a hard time writing and photographing my answer, since we're moving into our new place in a couple weeks so I'm between homes! Our current place is a mess of boxes and it's sort of crappy and depressing anyway, and the new place is empty and not quite complete! But--tangent--we have our inspection today. OMG. Will share photos soon!!


  1. Great idea! Will definitely bring together the community around your blog.

  2. Looks gorgeous, love your header banner!! Looking forward to seeing who joins in on Friday!



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