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How color-smart are you??

I'm totally into the science of color right now, guys... the other day on my NPR app I listened to this Radiolab episode about color perception and it was soooo interesting!  If you have a few minutes, on your way to work on while you go for a run or make dinner or something, check it out.

I'm no pro at science stuff, but I understood and learned a lot from it--like, did you know that, while some animals (dogs) have only two cones and see fewer colors than we do (we have three and see ROYGBIV), some animals that see even more?  I can't even imagine, they see colors like...super deep ultraviolet, 5 or 6 kinds, plus distinct combinations like blue-blue-green, green-green-blue-blue...

Anyway, being an artsy person who cares about color picking, I wanted to test my color IQ, and I found this test online where you align 100 mixed-up color swatches on a spectrum and it grades you based on how many you put in the right or wrong place.

My mom taught me to pick paint colors at a very young age, so I know there are subtle differences between them and in the lighting and all... and I can usually match colors really well.  This test gives you a score between 0 (perfect, no colors misplaced) and 100 (all misplaced).  I was hoping for a really low number, like... 4.

So lemme brag for a sec...

I got a 0. Yay, I'm good at colors! ;)  Husband took it and got a 5, I think.  What did you get?!


  1. Very cool, I will have to try this when I get home. It won't work on my iPad.

  2. i got a perfect score too! i guess that's a good thing since i'm a graphic designer...

  3. Hannah7/06/2012

    WOW that gave me a headache! I got a 44, so I think I'll stick to bringing swatches with me to the fabric store!

    1. Real objects ARE much better than a computer screen!

  4. Anonymous7/06/2012

    I got a 57. It gets hard to tell where each one goes after looking at it too long.

  5. Yea!!! I scored a zero as well. :)

  6. Fun test! I got a 3 but the colors were becoming a blur towards the end. I'd like to know which ones I missed!

  7. Mine is 20. Should I start to worry?! :)

  8. I got a 12...definitely cross-eyed by the end! The only ones I missed were in the blue-green section, weirdly enough.

  9. I'm a zero too! Perfect color vision can make a girl picky about color.

  10. Anonymous7/14/2012

    Zero here, too! No wonder I can be so insufferable with arguing colors :)

    But yeah, that test is hard on the eyes! The whole thing was really starting to swim even by the second row.

  11. I got a Zero too. No wonder I used to make my boss annoyed at how many color corrections that I gave to our vendors. It totally irritates me when colors are off. I didn't think I was going to do that well because I should be asleep.



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