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I feel so hip in my glasses.

Yes, I'm saying "hip" ironically.  I don't freely admit to being an actual hipster, of course, but since I have to wear glasses, I'd might as well wear cool ones.

I've worn glasses since I was 12, although until a year or two ago I only wore them at night after I took out my contacts, and on days when I was sick or didn't leave the house.  So I definitely have a negative connotation about them!  Pretty much whenever I wore glasses, I felt less cute.

Another reason I was really wishing for cool glasses.  You know the kind--definitely kind of hipster, thick, plastic frames?  I'm sure you see more in some places than others--and, as they say on Portlandia, this is Portland, where all the hot girls wear glasses...

So just recently, I decided it was really time to buy myself some cool ones.  With these stylish ladies for inspiration...

New Girl--of course we like the outfits ;)

Anyways, I was definitely a little wary about buying glasses online, but there are SO many online cheap eyeglasses retailers now... I began to do my research but was actually kind of overwhelmed by a lot of the shops.

I ended up buying the iSee 25 in Tortoise eyeglasses from  The price was unbeatable, and the service was good--I called ahead of time to make sure about their policies if the glasses didn't work out, shipping was fast, and the glasses are great!  I ordered the thin lenses because I have such a strong prescription and the frames are pretty large already--worried about weight.  Plus, I got to do the cool thing where you upload a photo of yourself and play around with "trying on" all the glasses--the Virtual Mirror.  Definitely helpful.

And they're great!  I love that I can wear them without feeling nerdy or like I'm stuck at home on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast and drinking Kava tea (how I spent my sick days in high school!).  Also, I took them into my eye clinic and they adjusted the frames a little for me, bending the earpiece to fit my head a little.  So yeah, sometimes they actually make me look cuter, I think.

Anyway, coincidentally, not long after I ordered these contacted me offering to sponsor this post and provide my readers a special discount code!

On top of their already reasonable prices, they are offering two options to you all:

  • 50% off any pair of eyeglasses on orders over $80. Code: SPECIAL50
  • Or, 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: BLOG10

Um, 50% off?!?  That's amazing!  Best of luck glasses-shopping. =)


  1. Great glasses could love to have one in my collection

  2. You wear them well. I'm not sure I could pull those off. Love your blog!

    jess @

    1. Thanks =) Sometimes I'm not so sure I pull them off either...!

  3. Those look adorable on you. Sometimes I wish my eyesight wasn't perfect just so I had the option to wear glasses. I know that is totally silly though.

    1. Never wish that!!! You are sooooo lucky! You can always get some without prescription, though! ;)

  4. I'm in the same boat. Glasses since 2nd grade, coke bottle lenses now. I only recently went with cool, statement frames after many years of wire framed, blending into my face type glasses when I wasn't wearing contacts. They look great on you, and congrats on getting another sponsor!


    1. Thanks! Cool statement frames are the way to go. =) **Not a sponsor, just the one post!

  5. Hey Suzannah! You have such a fun blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  6. Fantastic!
    I've been thinking about getting a second pair of frames for a while now - I suppose now's the time!
    It bums me out that you don't like wearing glasses. I wear mine every day, all day. Contacts freak me out a little bit, and I have kind of a round face, so the glasses help to frame it (no pun intended!).
    Might be the time to pick up a pair for when I'm gallavanting about in a fancy dress. Or a decent set of prescription sunglasses!
    Thanks for helping me plot and scheme, and rest assured, you look amazing in glasses!

    1. Aaw, haha, thanks. A pair of prescription sunglasses is a great idea, I could use some of those too... and it would be fun to have multiple pairs for everyday!



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