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How to Wear DIY: It's much better as a top.

I'm excited to share this post with you for two reasons--one DIY item, and one amaaaazing vintage cashmere pleated skirt.  Seriously, check this thing out!  So perfect!  I found it at the Goodwill Outlet bins a while back and just remembered it the other week.  I definitely wanted to get a chance to wear it this winter, and I love how it goes with this top that I transformed/upcycled.  I actually wear this top a LOT, and wore it a bunch this summer, but it's gone into winter in this outfit!

It was chilly and rainy this week but it wasn't too bad all of last weekend, and I wore this for a tea and outings with my mom.

I definitely wore a little jacket over it for going outside, though!

Plus, I got to wear my new suede Missoni for Target pumps.  I got these babies at Goodwill (brand new, a whole bunch of Target donations there) fort $3.49; they were the half-off color.  Yeeeeaah!!

Want the det's on the cashmere skirt?  Totally vintage, not sure exactly what range of years, but seriously, what an awesome find!!  And this length is totally in now, so it's been fun to wear it again.
Skirt: Vintage. Jacket: Some cheap juniors' brand, via Goodwill. Shoes: Target.

Crazy awesome skirt, right??!  And I seriously wear that top all the time.  How would you wear them?


  1. I LOVE your skirt - what a find. I'm totally jealous!!

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits that you've posted. Love every element!

  3. That is a great skirt. You should do a post on your Goodwill shopping adventures and give us some tips! Do you go really frequently to find the good stuff? Everytime I try all I find are crust old hawaiian shirts :(

    1. Thanks! I don't go that frequently, but I have a rhythm when I do go. I enjoy the hunt!

  4. so pretty and lady like! And I can't believe you got those Missoni for Target pumps at Goodwill! What a great find! www.casualglamorous.com

  5. That skirt is a great find! Lovely.

  6. I reall love this outfit :) Gorgeous skirt too!


  7. Gosh! What an awesome find!!! I love pleated skirts. and cashmere is perfect for the winter. I checked out your recycled top post and I'm so inspired to go to Goodwill tomorrow and do the same!!! Thanks for sharing, Suzannah!

  8. great skirt!! I love pleats, don't have any cashmere pleated skirts though, must be comfy! And I have those shoes too, got them at Target though.. Love them! What goodwill do you go to?



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