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February Portland bloggers' meet-up pics

OMG, it's March already!  Putting aside the fact that I am SO ready for spring and could go on about that for a while, I realized I haven't shared pics from the February meet-up of Portland-area bloggers!

I'm really excited to have connected with this lovely group of 50+ local bloggers including style, food, decor, family, party planning, crafty, and other bloggers!  They meet every other month, and the February event was, of course, very festive for Valentine's Day.  How cute are the decorations??

The brunch was held at one of the bloggers' community rooms in her apartment building, which was a perfect setup for the informal event on a sunny Saturday.  And, some of the folks got there early to decorate, of course, and we all agreed--bloggers make the best party decorations!  Not surprising, really; of course we spend all our spare time scouring Pinterest and planning DIYs and tutorials... ;)

Anyway, I had lots of fun meeting all the ladies and swapping blog stories.  Talk about kindred spirits!  We all commiserated about carrying around our monster DSLRs everywhere we go, and sympathized for our poor husbands and boyfriends who we ask to take pictures at the most awkward times sometimes, and talked about goals for our blog futures!

I've known for a while that Portland has a great group of talented artists and bloggers, but it was so wonderful to meet some of them, and then of course go home and check out their blogs if I hadn't seen them all.  Here are just a few of the lovely ladies...
Denise of All Things New,  Olga of Vintage Pretty,  Adi of Garden of Edlen, and  Sam of Sam Rosen 
And me, of course!

The room was definitely full of red lipstick, bright colors, big jewelry, waist belts, and leopard!  If you ever have an opportunity to meet up with bloggers in your area, DO IT!

The ladies attending this latest event were:

Carly of Chic Steals
Sam of Sam Rosen
Olga of Vintage Pretty
Ilana of The Mecca
Alicia of The Sweet Smith
Danica of Good Heart
Denise of All Things New
Leslie of Preschool Gems

Check 'em out!

And if you're in Portland and want to come next time, Jenni keeps the list, so email her!

*All pics by Carly; thanks, Carly!


  1. What a cute theme! I'm in love with your outfit!

    1. Thanks! I was glad that I was not alone in the hot pink trend!

  2. This is so awesome that you all get together! I'm hoping to move to Portland in the future (my hubby is from there) and it's exciting to know there is such a great community of bloggers there! xoxo

    1. Portland is the best! If you make it out here, see you at an event! =)

  3. Great photos! I'm guessing Jenni had something to do with the decorations :)

    I went to the first meet-up, but haven't been able to make one since. Hopefully next time!

    1. Yes, she did!
      Fun, would love to see you at the next one!

  4. Great post! It was wonderful meeting you and getting to know your blog. It is a lovely blog and I look forward to each of your posts. Thank you for linking to us all!

    1. It was so great meeting you, too! Thanks, glad you like my blog! Can't wait to see you next time!!

  5. Anonymous3/02/2012

    Woah! I'm a PDX blogger! I totally need to get in on this crafty action!!!

  6. Great post! It was nice to meet you and chat for a bit! Looking forward to the next one.



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